Google Shows How People Have Been Searching

Google Shows How People Have Been Searching

By Chris Crum January 11, 2010

Before 2009 came to a close, Google provided a look (as always) at the most searched for terms of the year. It showed the top ten fastest rising and fastest falling terms on both a global scale, and in the U.S. Globally, "Michael Jackson" was the fastest rising, while "Beijing 2008" was the fastest falling. In the U.S., "Twitter" was the fastest rising (just above "Michael Jackson", and "John McCain" was the fastest falling (just over the Olympics).

Google’s Year in Custom Search

Google’s Custom Search turned three in 2009, and it had arguably its biggest year to date. The technology is powering "many tens of millions" of queries a day on millions of sites, according to the company.

As many others are doing, Google is reminiscing about the year that is almost over, and reflecting upon some of its accomplishments. The Custom Search Team specifically is reflecting on some of its highlights for 3009.

Bing Shares More Of 2009’s Top Search Terms
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You may recall that a lot of entities -including Google, Yahoo, and Bing – released some top/best of/worst of 2009 lists back in late November and early December, seemingly forgetting about the last one-twelfth of the year.  Bing returned today with more data about search trends, however.

Facebook Publishes 2009’s Top Status Trends

Facebook users are a pretty important group of people; after all, in recent months, it’s been established that there are more of them than there are individuals in the United States.  So to wrap up 2009, Facebook’s provided a list that helps spell out what its users have been thinking about all year.

The Things People Looked for Pictures of on Twitter in 2009

Earlier, we looked at Twitter’s top trending topics of 2009. They broke it down into several top ten lists based on various categories.

The Top Twitter Trends of 2009

Before we get into the meat of the article I have a challenge for you. Say “Top Twitter Trends” 3 times fast. Frustrating isn’t it. Every time I try it I end up saying “Top Twitter Twends” thus giving the Baba WaWa (Barbara Walters for you young kids) sound to it. As you have likely guessed I think I may have too much time on my hands so let’s get back to the real deal.

What the Most People Watched on YouTube in 2009

It’s that time of year when all of the big web properties reflect on the year’s worth of activity. We already saw Twitter’s top trending topics for 2009, for example. YouTube is also sharing its most watched videos and most searched for queries.

What People Talked About on Twitter Most in 2009
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Twitter has broken down the top ten trending topics of 2009 for a variety of categories: news events, people, movies, tv shows, sports, and technology, as well as the top ten hashtags used.

The Definitions That People Didn’t Know in 2009

It’s that time of year when all of the search engines are releasing their lists of top searches. Dictionary.com may not get the traffic of a Google, or even an Ask, which is owned by the same company, but its list provides a different perspective to the picture of what people are searching for.

Death, Disease, Money, and Twitter on Bing

Microsoft’s Bing has revealed a top ten list of the most popular trending topics of 2009. To determine these, Bing analyzed billions of search queries and developed the list based on searches made with the Bing search (I mean decision) engine.

Ad Spending For All Forms Of Media Sees Decline In Q1 2009

As we rapidly approach the end of the second quarter of 2009 there is still news trickling in from what happened in Q1. As suspected, that news is not good. A study by TNS Media Intelligence was reported in today’s WSJ and ad spend for media including TV, print and online display ads fell 14% year to year to $30.8 billion.

Newspaper Ad Revenue Drops By $2.6B In Q1 2009

Yup, that’s a B as in billion. Just when you think the newspaper industry can’t take another hit it gets hit with a haymaker. According to TechCrunch, the Newspaper Association of America reported a 28.28% year over year in Q1.

The Future Of Search Marketing In 2009
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The countdown is on. Only a handful of sleeps until 2009 and of course the predictions are flowing thick and fast. The experts are gazing into their crystal balls and sharing their visions for 2009 in terms of search, social, online, mobile and marketing in general.

I’ve pulled together a list of the best predictions I’ve uncovered so far and detailed them below. (if I’ve missed any – share them via our comments, and I’ll add them in).