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ATM $37,000: Homeless Man Scores Big Payout

Sounds like the universe was giving a guy a break — Or NOT — when a homeless man tried to withdraw $140 from an ATM Thursday. Instead, the man finished his business at the machine $37,000 richer. It took some time for all that money to eject from the machine. So long that a woman called police to come to …

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ATM $37,000: A Man’s Get Rich & Lose it Quick Scheme

A Maine news website tells us how a homeless man in South Portland, Maine– with an ATM card and 140 dollars in his account –somehow found a way to make a quick profit and had his hands on $37,000 all for five minutes. As he maneuvered the ATM to do his bidding, the woman waiting behind him got impatient suspicious …

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Joel Osteen: $600,000 Stolen From Church Safe

Joel Osteen is known for his gigantic church and huge following. Lakewood Church was broken into over the weekend and as much as $600,000 in cash and checks were stolen from a safe inside the church. The safe also contained the credit card information of several church congregants. A church employee became aware of the break in on Monday morning …

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Waitress Returns $1,000 To Wrong Person

Samantha Knight, a waitress at Laishley Crab House in Punta Gorda, Florida, was working her regular shift when she noticed something unusual in one of the chairs, at a nearby table. As she approached the chair, she realized that there was a wad of money sitting there unattended. “I just saw a wad of hundreds. I didn’t count it cause …

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Homeless Man: $77,000 In Found Money Is Legally His

Imagine being homeless, walking miles and miles on sore and exhausted feet, and then stopping to wash said feet in the river. Then, imagine accidentally kicking a discarded bag on your way to do so and hearing the familiar clink of coins inside it. What would you do? Most of us would check it out, and that’s exactly what Timothy …

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