The True “Value” Of Facebook Fans

According to a recent study released by Vitrue last week, Facebook Fans are valued at $3.60 each in earned media for brands.

Yahoo Buys Me.me Domain Name For Social Brand
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Yahoo’s acquired a new domain name, and while we don’t expect that Facebook and Twitter are quaking in fear, there’s reason to believe it’ll play a significant role in Yahoo’s "social" future.  The Me.me domain name will, naturally enough, tie in to Yahoo’s microblogging site, Meme.

Meme has been described as a Twitter clone with random references to dogs instead of birds.  Otherwise, it’s attracted very little attention at all.

Offerpal Launches New Display Ad Network for Social Networks

The big question businesses have about social media these days is, "how can I measure ROI?" With straight advertising in social networks, that becomes pretty clear, and Offerpal has launched a new display ad network for social media. If you’re unfamiliar with Offerpal, it’s a platform that lets advertise and developers monetize social media apps.

AT&T: Buzz the “Best Way” to Get Your Business in Front of Facebook Users
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Update: AT&T Announced today that Buzz.com is now available to the pubic. To read more about the service, read our exclusive interview with AT&T about the services below.

Legal Online Gambling Would Create 32,000 New Jobs

The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative told WebProNews today it applauds a new study that projects regulating all forms of Internet gambling in the United States would create up to 32,000 jobs over five years.

Google Blasted Over Lobbying Expenditure

Google’s paying a whole lot of money to talk to politicians, and the consumer advocacy group known as Consumer Watchdog isn’t at all happy about it.  Consumer Watchdog condemned Google this morning for spending $1.38 million in the first quarter of this year.

That expenditure works out to a 57 percent increase over what Google spent during the same period in 2009, and Consumer Watchdog’s John M. Simpson observed as a result, "Google is relatively new to the influence-peddling game, but they’re now one of the highest rollers in Washington."

Twitter Names First CTO, Hires New VP Of Engineering

Twitter’s workforce grew in terms of both size and impressiveness this week.  The company has named its first CTO (promoting a current employee), and also hired someone away from Palm to act as its vice president of engineering.

LeapFish Giving Away Cash For Social Media Presence
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Yes, you read that headline right. It does sound kind of “backwards” to me, as well.

Amazon Sues North Carolina To Protect Customer Data

Amazon.com has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the North Carolina Department of Revenue, seeking to block the state’s demand for the "name and address of virtually every North Carolina resident who has purchased anything from Amazon since 2003, along with records of what each customer purchased and how much they paid."

International Data Protection Authorities Protest Buzz

It looks like Google isn’t going to be able to put Buzz’s initial privacy problems behind it anytime soon.  Late yesterday, representatives from Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK all signed a letter expressing concerns about the service and Google’s privacy practices in general.

Google Shares Privacy Comments Submitted to FTC

Google is sharing its FTC Roundtable Comments document it submitted last week in response to the FTC’s recent "Exploring Privacy" roundtable series. This series was designed for the discussion of ways to protect consumer privacy, and included leaders from government, advocacy, academia, and industry.

Google Announces Science Fair Awards
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A science fair that’s been around since 1950 is about to become an even bigger deal thanks to Google.  The company’s announced that it will give out three Google Special Awards at the International Science and Engineering Fair (which has been sponsored by Intel since 1997).

AOL Launches Self-Serve Ad Platform

AOL has launched a beta version of Advertising.com Ad Desk, a new self-serve display ad platform targeted at medium- sized advertisers.

AOL’s Ad Desk will allow advertisers to have more control of their online ad campaigns. Ad Desk will allow advertisers to access demographic information and audience size across AOL’s various properties.

Android Advocacy Group Woos Developers

Google may be stepping up its efforts to have developers pay attention to Android.  The search giant – or rather, a division of it known as the "Android Advocacy Group" – has supposedly gone on the offensive, emailing a developer and offering him (or her) a free device.

Facebook Launches Community Pages, “More Connected” Profiles

The pre-F8 Facebook news continues to roll in. The company announced via blog post today that it is adding a couple of new features for users: Community pages and "more connected" profiles. Community Pages, Facebook says, are "owned collectively by the community".

McAfee Lends Security to 99% of Rich Media Ads in U.S.
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McAfee and Adgregate have partnered on what they’re calling the industry’s first secure advertising. WebProNews spoke with Brent Remai, VP of Consumer Marketing at McAfee about what this means for advertising.

How Business Questions About Social Media Have Changed in a Year
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Last year we looked at a study about the state of social media marketing, looking at common questions businesses had about it. A lot has happened in the social media world in a year’s time, and many businesses have gotten into the swing of things since then.

Digital Textbook Sales To Reach $1 Billion
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More than 18 percent of new textbook revenue in the higher education and career education markets will come from digital textbooks by 2014, according to a new study by Xplana.

By 2014, annual revenues form digital textbooks will surpass $1 billion. The shift in sales will cause the publishing industry to revamp the traditional textbook production processes.

Yahoo Names Next Chief Product Officer

Well, that didn’t take long.  Less than two weeks after Yahoo announced that chief technology officer and chief product officer Ari Balogh would be leaving the company, a semi-replacement’s been named: Blake Irving, a former Microsoft exec.

Are You Wrong About What it Takes to Get Conversions?
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SeeWhy has released an eBook with an interesting premise for online retailers. It looks at how the top 10 converting e-commerce sites drive their website conversions. The main takeaway, a representative for SeeWhy tells WebProNews is that "the top 10 converting e-commerce sites, on average, convert roughly 10 times as many visitors into customers as the typical site — 23 percent vs. 2-3 percent."

How Absorbed by Facebook is the Web Going to Get?
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Facebook’s developer conference F8 doesn’t begin until Wednesday, but there is already plenty of news about the company’s plans coming out, and those plans reportedly involve Facebook consuming even more of your web experience.

Are you comfortable with Facebook dominating more of your online experience? Tell us what you think.


Seagate Adds Netflix And YouTube Access

Storage solutions firm Seagate said today that it will allow users of its FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player to access content from Netflix, YouTube, vTuner and Mediafly.

The new content offerings are available to existing FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player owners through a free, firmware update that can be downloaded from Seagate, and will be included in all future product shipments.

Microsoft’s Ad/Publisher Group To Get New Head

In less than one month, a change in leadership will occur within Microsoft’s Advertiser and Publisher Solutions group.  Scott Howe, the corporate vice president currently in charge of it, is set to leave on May 14th, with Rik van der Kooi replacing him.

Facebook And YouTube Get The Most Business Internet Traffic
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More business Internet traffic goes to Facebook than to any other website, according to a new report by managed security firm Network Box.

Network Box looked at 13 billion URLs used by businesses in the first quarter of 2010 and found that 6.8 percent of all business Internet traffic goes to Facebook, a one percent increase over the last quarter of 2009.