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Yahoo Continues Product Refreshes With New Yahoo Maps Yahoo Continues Product Refreshes With New Yahoo Maps
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Yahoo continues to launch redesigns for many of its products. Today it’s Yahoo Maps. The company announced that it is launching a refreshed Yahoo Maps experience for desktop users in the U.S. “The new Yahoo Maps makes it easier to …

Cowen Puts Google Maps Ahead Of Rivals
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In the 2005 movie "Domino," a character curses MapQuest for making him late and the words "never again" are used.  Now, as a new study crowns Google Maps a sort of leader in this field, a lot of folks seem to have taken similar oaths regarding Live Search Maps and Yahoo Maps.

Don’t Forget About Yahoo! Maps

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about Yahoo! Maps and just when we thought that Yahoo! had forgotten all about the map service, Yahoo! has surprised us by performing a major update to Yahoo! Maps.

Yahoo Drags Out Map Routes

If you don’t like the route Yahoo Maps suggests for a trip, a new feature allows you to drag and drop the route to take you a different way.

Google Maps Adapts To Rush Hour Traffic

Online mapping services are great, but they still have various faults and quirks – an over-reliance on u-turns, a tendency to place buildings on the wrong side of the street, and so on.  Now Google is trying to address one issue by making its drivetime estimates more accurate.

Yahoo Travel Gets Personal

Yahoo has added several new features to its travel Web site. The new version of Yahoo Travel focuses on personalized travel deals, travel guides and a new mapping system.

Yahoo Maps Route Out Of Beta

After plenty of development, testing, and feedback, Yahoo has declared its Maps service ready to shed the Beta moniker and stand on its own.

Global Satellite Imagery Added to Yahoo! Maps

Today Yahoo! has added global satellite imagery to Yahoo! Maps beta.

Yahoo Sees Imagery In Maps

It has taken a while, but Yahoo has finally matched Google and Microsoft in offering satellite maps for its Maps service.