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Yahoo Mail Down (For Some) – Users Considering Gmail

Some users of Yahoo services, and Yahoo Mail in particular are currently experiencing outages. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints. An apparently official statement from Yahoo on the matter is making the rounds on Twitter as well. It says, “”Some Yahooservices are currently inaccessible..We are working to correct the issue.” Mashable obtained another, slightly longer statement saying, …

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Report Looks at Just How Important Email is To Google, Microsoft and Yahoo

Pingdom has put together an interesting report looking at just how important webmail is for the three companies that dominate it – Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Citing data from Alexa, the firm finds that Gmail makes up 23% of the traffic to, Hotmail gets 39% of the traffic to Microsoft’s, and Yahoo Mail gets 20% of the traffic …

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Yahoo Mail Gets Upgrade in Social, Search, Speed, Security, Interface

Yahoo Mail has 284 million users, and it’s now rolling out the new verison of Yahoo Mail to all of them (though you can upgrade yourself if you don’t want to wait). “Yahoo!’s vision for online communications brings together all the tools that people use to connect — email, chat, SMS, and social updates — and makes it easier for …

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Yahoo Readies New Mail and Search Features, iPad App, Custom Ads, and More

Update: Yahoo tells WebProNews that it plans on implementing features similar to the new search features for other categories beyond news and entertainment, but would not get specific at this point. 

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Yahoo Launches iPad-Optimized Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has revealed a new iPad-optimized version of Yahoo Mail.

"On the heels of our recently launched HTML5 mobile web mail for iPhone you’ll feel right at home with this experience," says Yahoo Mail Product Manager Lee Parry. "We’re keeping all the things users love about our new mobile Web mail, while optimizing it for the gorgeous large screen of the iPad."

Yahoo lists the following features of the iPad version:

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Yahoo Mail for iPhone Gets an Upgrade

Yahoo has upgraded its HTML5 mobile web mail experience for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with a faster and more feature-rich version. It’s available as an opt-in trial, and has many of the same features as the desktop version.

Yahoo lists these properties of the offering:

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Yahoo Releases First Ever Android Apps

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger apps for Android. These are the first Android apps Yahoo has ever offered.

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“Trusted Companies” to Bring Greater Usefulness to Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has announced that the Yahoo Mail API now allows Read and Read+Write access to full message contents for any type of user. What this means is that developers can create more useful ways to use Yahoo Mail.

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Yahoo Brings Facebook to the Inbox

Yahoo has begun rolling out what the company calls its "next milestone" in Facebook integration. Yahoo Mail users can now update their Facebook status right from their inbox, and they can see their friends’ Facebook profile photos in emails received in Yahoo Mail.

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