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Google Launches Official Google+ Page For Webmasters Google Launches Official Google+ Page For Webmasters

There is now an official Google+ page for Google Webmasters. Matt Cutts tweeted a link to it, and the page made its first post last night: So far, that’s all that it has to offer, but we can probably expect …

Watch This Google Webmaster Hangout From Monday Watch This Google Webmaster Hangout From Monday
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Ever wish you had a chance to sit in on one of Google’s Webmaster Central Office Hours hangouts, but just can’t find the time, or they just to don’t correspond well with your schedule? Luckily, Google sometimes makes them available …

Google’s Main Panda Help Thread Gets Split Up Google’s Main Panda Help Thread Gets Split Up
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For over a year, people who think that their site has been unjustly affected by Google’s Panda algorithm update had a centralized place to voice their problems – and with any luck they could receive guidance from other webmasters or …

Matt Cutts Head Shaving Footage Revealed

Google puts out a lot of useful videos through its Webmaster Central YouTube channel. If you are a regular reader of WebProNews, you have probably seen some of them covered here. They generally offer helpful advice for webmasters that have questions about ranking in Google’s search results.

Google on Notification of Webmaster Guideline Violations
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One thing that Google is pretty good at is providing resources for webmasters to learn from. The regular videos from Matt Cutts in which he answers user-submitted questions are no different. It just happens to be this very topic that is addressed in the latest upload.

Question: Whenever Google detects a violation of its Webmaster Guidelines, can we expect a feature to be added in Google Webmaster Central where it could help the webmasters learn what the issue was?

Google Calls Upon Users to Expand Webmaster Central Channel

Google’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel has provided countless valuable videos for webmasters and search engine marketers. They often come from Google’ Matt Cutts who has uploaded numerous videos in which he answers user questions.

Cutts isn’t the only one that can provide useful content though, and Google knows this. The company is now calling upon users to submit their own videos for possible inclusion on the Webmaster Central YouTube Channel.

Google Releases Webmaster Central Chat Material

Some people interrupted their workdays on Thursday, and others lost a bit of sleep that night.  But folks who didn’t participate in Google’s Webmaster Central chat live can now catch up at their convenience; the company’s released presentations and an audio transcript.

Google Offers Festivus For Webmasterus

On Google Webmaster Central Blog and in the post titled "A Festivus for our webmasterus." Google says "If it’s good enough for the Costanzas, it’s good enough for Webmaster Central: it’s time for a Festivus for the rest of us (webmasterus)!"

Google Webmaster Central Takes History Lesson

What’s old is new with the tools Google makes available to webmasters, with their latest update that brings more historical data to the service.

Google Delivers Message Center To Webmasters

Improved communications with webmasters should take place now that Google has opened its newest feature.

A Conversation With Google’s Vanessa Fox
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Nobody stands up Mike McDonald. Nobody, not even Google’s Vanessa Fox. Back on a cold December day amid the howling Chicago winds, poor Mike sat alone, waiting for Google’s Webmaster Central product manager. Alas, but all is vanity, and SEOMoz.org’s Rand Fishkin stole the show (and the interview).

Webmaster Central Now Taking Comments

One of Google’s official blogs, and one of the most useful to site publishers anywhere, has taken down the wall between posters and visitors to allow comments.