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Streaming Device Sales Hit 1.7 Billion in 2013

As app infrastructures move into more and more products, consumers are beginning to expect apps such as Netflix and Amazon streaming on all of their devices. As these services improve U.S. consumers are also relying on them for more of their daily entertainment needs, cutting out traditional broadcasters in the process. Market research firm IHS this week released a report …

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Amazon Prime Might Not Be As Popular As You Think

Apparently, Amazon Prime isn’t as popular as many would like to think. Current estimates from analysts have put the amount of Amazon Prime subscribers at 10 million or even more, a figure that would make the program a giant success in anyone’s mind. But according to three insiders quoted by Bloomberg, those analysts are way off. They say that as …

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HBO Go Coming To, Um, Television?

HBO’s online on demand service, HBO Go, is already available on computers and mobile devices, but soon, you’ll be able to watch HBO on your televi… (trails off). But wait, can’t you already do that? Isn’t HBO On Demand already available on various cable television providers? Seeing how that’s the case, apparently, you can never have too much HBO, because …

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