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Recent Research: BlackBerry Is Out! Recent Research: BlackBerry Is Out!

Bad News for Research in Motion (RIM). A recent research report shows that 27% of RIM users have already replaced their BlackBerry devices or are on their way to doing so. Currently BlackBerry holds about a 70% rate for company-purchased …

BlackBerry Services Down For Some Users BlackBerry Services Down For Some Users
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BlackBerry users throughout Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa have been experiencing problems with their service since early this morning. It looks like the problems that people are having involve accessing the web, BlackBerry messenger and roaming in …

RIM Restructures, Cuts 2,000 Jobs RIM Restructures, Cuts 2,000 Jobs

RIM (Research in Motion), makers of BlackBerry, announced some new management changes and job cuts today, or as the company calls it, a new “cost optimization program”. The program was actually first mentioned back in mid-June. First, the management changes. …

RIM Buys Tungle, a Calendar Service RIM Buys Tungle, a Calendar Service

BlackBerry makers Research in Motion (RIM) have acquired Tungle for an undisclosed sum. Tungle is a cloud-based calendar and scheduling service, which works with Google, Yahoo, Facebook, TripIt, Plancast, Outlook, iCal, LotusNotes, LotusLive, and WindowsLive. RIM VP, Collaboration and Social …

RIM’s Risky Bet With BBM For Non-BlackBerry Devices
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Research in Motion (RIM) is planning to make its popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) available on Android and iOS platforms. What’s RIM thinking, and how will a cross-platform BBM impact your enterprise? BBM offers immediate gratification and exclusivity While RIM made …

RIM to Improve BlackBerry Contacts with Gist

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) announced that it has acquired Gist

Gist provides information about contacts, by creating a business profile for each one that includes recent news, status updates, and work details. It works by pulling contacts from various inboxes, address books, social networks, and other sources, then adding news, status updates, blog posts, etc.

RIM Reportedly Acquires DataViz Assets

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has reportedly acquired most of the DataViz team. CrackBerry.com broke the news, which was confirmed by John Paczkowski at Digital Daily. DataViz is known for developing Documents to Go.

Top Five Blackberry Storm Reviews
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The new BlackBerry storm mobile device hit store shelves on Friday and sold over 100,000 units over the weekend according to InformationWeek. Not all of us are so eager to plop down our hard earned money without getting to know a device a little better though. Thankfully, there are plenty of people to review it and give us walkthroughs of the device’s capabilities, five of which are the subjects of this article.