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Previously, Lamar Smith Supported A Non-Regulated Internet Previously, Lamar Smith Supported A Non-Regulated Internet
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About five years ago, during hearings concerning the adoption of net neutrality rules, Lamar Smith, the US House Representative who introduced SOPA to the world, had a much different stance on regulating the Internet, but only when it suited his …

Obama Threatens To Veto Any Net Neutrality Repeals Obama Threatens To Veto Any Net Neutrality Repeals

Net neutrality, because of extreme corporate influence, has been a contentious issue ever since it was introduced. In fact, the subject has been completely muddied by a lack of understanding from various outspoken anti-Obama groups to the point where a …

Verizon Moves To Block Net Neutrality, Citing A Bunch of Nonsense Verizon Moves To Block Net Neutrality, Citing A Bunch of Nonsense
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Verizon doesn’t think the FCC should be able to regulate the Internet, even though it, as a company that started as one of the Bells, is well aware of the history of regulation within the telecommunications industry. And so, the …

The FCC Is Still Trying That Net Neutrality Thing The FCC Is Still Trying That Net Neutrality Thing

In no way is the title of this post meant to be against the concept of net neutrality. Quite the opposite, in fact. That being said, considering how directly connected the telecommunications industry is to the political machine in the …

Comcast Blocking Pirate Bay? (No, According to Comcast) Comcast Blocking Pirate Bay? (No, According to Comcast)
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Someone might want to let ISPs know that, no matter how much they want the opposite, net neutrality rules are still in effect. Of course, considering their success the last time Comcast went against the FCC, perhaps the ISPs just …

Tim Berners-Lee Believes Web Access is a Human Right Tim Berners-Lee Believes Web Access is a Human Right

Tim Berners-Lee, the man attributed to the creation of the internet, gave a speech at an MIT symposium and shared his two decades worth of internet knowledge with the crowd. He spoke about a wide variety of issues, from net …

As Net Neutrality Battle Builds, Other Concerns Rise As Net Neutrality Battle Builds, Other Concerns Rise

Although the issue of net neutrality has never been small, it has grown into a very large, complicated matter with more concerns rising frequently. It has actually developed into a political issue with outspoken parties on both sides.

AT&T Says Goodbye To An Uncapped Internet
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And the battle against a truly open Internet where service providers do not interfere with the usage rights — look it up in the service contract: long ago, in the BNNN (before no net neutrality) days, an uncapped Internet means …

Barry Diller Talks Net Neutrality at SXSW

Barry Diller spoke about the various aspects of the media today. We looked at what he had to say about the The Daily Beast/Newsweek deal, The Daily, and the iPad here. Diller also spoke for a bit about net neutrality. …

FCC Adopts Net Neutrality Rules For Better or Worse
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Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted Net Neutrality rules that have drawn very mixed reviews all across the political landscape. 

Rather than sugarcoat it or spin it in anyway, I’ll simply embed the statement from FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski (Via Brian Stelter), and you can make your own decision about whether it goes too far or doesn’t go far enough:

Web’s Inventor “Disturbed” By Current State of Creation
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The inventor of the web is not thrilled with the current state of his creation or the direction it’s taking. Tim Berners-Lee has released a new report at Scientific American, entitled Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality, with the subtitle: "The Web is critical not merely to the digital revolution but to our continued prosperity—and even our liberty. Like democracy itself, it needs defending."

Google Aims to Separate Fact from Fiction Around Net Neutrality Proposal
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Update: Wired is reporting that Net neutrality group Free Press and MoveOn.org will lead a protest at Google’s headquarters Friday.

AT&T: Yep, Wireless is Different
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The net neutrality debate sparked (most recently) by Google and Verizon earlier this week continues. Now AT&T has weighed in, and unsurprisingly it appears to agree with the companies.

One of the biggest controversies of the Google/Verizon policy proposal is that wireless is being treated differently. AT&T says, "Wireless is different." In a post on the company’s public policy blog, they write:

Net Neutrality Protests Underway at Google HQ
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The protesting has begun outside of Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. This is in response to Google’s joint proposal with Verizon released earlier this week over net neutrality legislation. Mark Hachman posted the photo below to TwitPic.

Grooveshark for iPhone, TweetDeck for Android, Social Search Tools
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Grooveshark has reportedly now become available in Apple’s App store after a long struggle to get it there. This is an app that lets you search for songs, and stream them on demand . Unsurprisingly, it faces legal battles, but it has already settled some. The app has been available on Android.

TweetDeck announced today that TweetDeck on Android (beta) is now officially available.

Where Facebook Stands on the Net Neutrality Debate
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Google and Verizon have the tech web talking a lot with their controversial net neutrality proposal. One of the biggest criticisms about it is how wireless is treated differently than the non-wireless Internet.

Coming Soon: More Amazon Hardware Products, Facebook Check-Ins?
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According to the New York Times, Amazon is looking into building more hardware products beyond the Kindle, citing "people with direct knowledge of the company’s plans". These products would be aimed at making it easier to purchase Amazon content, such as ebooks, music, and/or movie rentals.

Google/Verizon “Open Internet” Proposal Draws Mixed Reviews
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Update: Eric Schmidt and Ivan Seidenberg added some commentary in a Washington Post article today.

Original Article: Today Google and Verizon held a joint press conference, and issued a joint policy proposal for an Open Internet, as they say. The companies appear to be promoting an Open Internet indeed, but there remains a great deal of skepticism about the policy proposal. Really, could it have gone any other way?

Google and Verizon: NYT “Wrong” About That Google Verizon Deal
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Update 2: Verizon adds, "The NYT article regarding conversations between Google and Verizon is mistaken.  It fundamentally misunderstands our purpose.

FCC Loses Net Neutrality Battle Against Comcast
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News broke today that the U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled against the FCC in a net neutrality case vs Comcast. The FCC had previously ordered Comcast to cease treating web traffic for different customers differently (which they had apparently done to slow down connections for users heavily engaged in bittorrent use).

Spanish Telecom May Seek To Charge Search Engines
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The CEO of Spanish telecom company Telefonica might soon try to obtain some money from Google and its rivals.  Cesar Alierta said today that search engines’ popularity creates something of a burden for his organization, and that he’d like Telefonica to share in their profits.