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Abandon GoDaddy Day Wasn’t a Smash Hit

The abandon ship notice for GoDaddy’s domain registration service, while netting some notable names — Wikipedia, Imgur — apparently failed to have the impact some suspected. If not for GoDaddy’s waffling on the SOPA/PIPA issue, something that’s discussed at an ad nauseam level across the Internet, the boycott that fizzled wouldn’t have happened. Hype about the GoDaddy boycott was spurred …

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MoveYourDomain Day Could Be Another Blow For GoDaddy

While it’s being presented as an anti-SOPA stance, which, no doubt represents the bow that’s being put on it, but if MoveYourDomain Day isn’t occurring to capitalize on GoDaddy’s recent public relations nightmare, then maybe I need to go back to marketing class. What we have here is a domain registrar — Namecheap — taking a stand against SOPA, but …

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