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Facebook Is Working To Save You From Yourself

Facebook is reportedly working on some kind of virtual assistant that would ask users if they’re sure they want to post a picture if its algorithms find something they think the user might find embarrassing. That’s how focused on image recognition this company is. It wants to recognize when you’re drunk, and keep you from making a fool of yourself. …

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Pinterest Acquires VisualGraph And Its Visual Search Technology

Pinterest announced today that it has acquired VisualGraph, an image recognition and visual search technology startup. “VisualGraph’s two employees — founder Kevin Jing and colleague David Liu — will be joining the Pinterest engineering team today,” a spokesperson for Pinterest tells WebProNews. “Kevin started working at Google in 2004 and helped build some of Google’s first machine vision applications. David …

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This Is How You Use Instagram To Sell Products

Bolthouse Farms is utilizing Instagram for a pretty interesting campaign, encouraging users to snap pictures of its products, tag it with pre-determined hashtags, and get money-saving coupons to use toward the products. Instagram recently launched its ad platform, but this is a pretty good example of how a brand can use Facebook’s visual network without paying for it. It starts …

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Google Makes Progress in Image Recognition

Today at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference in Miami, Google released a new research paper that looks at building a web-scale landmark-recognition engine. This could lay the groundwork for some interesting advancements in image search.

"To be clear up front, this is a research paper, not a new Google product, but we still think it’s cool," says Jay Yagnik, Head of Computer Vision Research.

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