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TV Loves Twitter

While this is not anything surprising or groundbreaking, the television medium is ate up with the idea of using Twitter to establish some kind of audience interaction. Again, this evolution has been fairly obvious, but the concept hit one of its many upcoming peaks during the recent Royal Wedding. Not only were would-be well-wishers huddling around their monitors/televisions, waiting breathlessly …

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Star Wars Day on Twitter, It Is

Actually, Star Wars Day extends well beyond Twitter, but considering the “micro-blogging” site is the utility of choice when it comes to online communication, and the trending topics are a great barometer for what’s popular in the world at this particular moment, we’ll start here. And yes, for those of you asking about the grammatical mess in the title: My …

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Twitter, Stephen Colbert and Jon Kyl

Quite often the world of politics and comedy crash together and yield great results.  Both Bill Clinton and his indiscretions and George W. Bush and his inability to pronounce became classic fodder for anyone looking to generate laughs.  With technology becoming a more integral part of everyone’s life, especially social media, it only follows that the Politics/Comedy/Social Media mash will …

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