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Wii U Parts Priced At $180, Won’t Sell For Under $300 [Rumor]

Brand new consoles usually contain components that cost far more than the actual price of the console. Microsoft and Sony were both selling their respective current generation consoles at a loss for years while making up for it with game sales. Nintendo, on the other hand, has always sold Wii for a profit since the components that made up that …

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New iPad Wi-Fi Problems Could Be Software Related

I reported last week that Apple was now replacing new iPads that had issues with wireless reception. In a leaked memo it was made clear that Apple wanted the devices back so that it could investigate the cause of the issue. Until Apple discovers and acknowledges the cause of the issue we won’t know for sure what’s causing it, but …

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Macbook Pro Rumor: Big Redesign Coming This Year

Rumor has it that Apple is readying a massive refresh of its Macbook Pro line, to make them more like the Macbook Air in design. The rumor comes from AppleInsider, which cites “people familiar with Apple’s roadmap”. The publication reports: This will include new, ultra-thin unibody enclosures that jettison yesteryear technologies like optical disk drives and traditional hard drives in …

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SOPA: Razer Gives A F**k

Razer, makers of fine PC gaming accessories, has joined the blackout to protest SOPA. In what may be the most blatant protest yet, Razer has posted an image with their staff standing in front of a projector screen with the words “F**K SOPA.” As previously reported, only a handful of gaming Web sites are going down today to protest the …

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