Hardware Articles

Casio Cameras Now Include “YouTube Mode”

Thanks to LG’s Google phone, and to the Google Mini and Search Appliance, people are getting used to the idea of Google-branded hardware. 

But YouTube cameras? 

Those are (sort of) what will result from a new deal between Casio and the video-sharing site.

Google Hardware To Go Through Ingram Micro

If you want to get the Google Mini or Google Search Appliance, talk to Ingram Micro – even as sales surpass 9,000 units, the company has been selected to distribute Google’s hardware.

LG Google Phone Will Soon Land In Europe

A Google phone will soon arrive.  Unfortunately for many WebProNews readers, it will not (yet) arrive in America.  And unfortunately for everybody, it doesn’t incorporate any breakthrough features or technology.

Wal-Mart To Offer Skype Hardware

Retail giant Wal-Mart has teamed with Skype and will start selling Skype Certified hardware in their 1,800 locations throughout the U.S. In addition consumers will have access to headsets, webcams and handsets that are compatible with Skype along with pre-paid cards.

Hardware Essentials for Windows Vista

Windows Vista works based on the capabilities of the hardware installed. Windows Vista Capable PCs and Windows Vista Premium Ready PCs both are geared for running Windows Vista but the experience varies with the “premium” delivering more advanced user experience.

Hardware Routers vs. Kerio Winroute Firewall

I had a call from a customer who already uses Kerio Mailserver. He had downloaded a demo of Kerio WinRoute Firewall and said he had a few questions.

Hangin’ at the Bloghaus

Kristopher and I are here and landed at CES. Our first visit? Straight to the Bloghaus.

Hardware Load Balancing Lightens Server Load

Load balancing is the even distribution of computer processing and communication activities so that a server is not overwhelmed. Load balancing is especially important for networks where it is difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to a server.

Click-to-Call Added To Google Maps

Google announced the addition of click to call technology to its Google Maps product.

PC Hardware: How Ego Can Cost Your Clients

Your clients might be tempted to outfit their top managers and producers with the latest and greatest PC hardware.

Microsoft Debuts New Mac Hardware

It’s not an UMPC designed to run OS X, but a newly designed keyboard and mouse for the stylishly designed Macintosh computer line.

HP Invited Lab To Shoot Its Hardware

The high-tech ballistics center managed by National Technical Systems (NTS) in Camden, AR, pulled off the kind of test that system administrators worldwide dream about: taking a rifle and putting a bullet into a piece of hardware.

Microsoft Offers U2 Licensing

Hardware licenses for technologies developed by Microsoft provide third-party firms the opportunity to build devices based on those innovations.

$100 Laptops Face Hurdles

M.I.T lit up the world when it announced its massively philanthropic One Laptop Per Child program (OLPC) with the aim of putting $100 laptop computers into the hands of the poorest children on Earth. And no one is blaming them, but despite all noble intentions, skeptics are saying project leader Nicholas Negroponte is putting the cart before the horse.

Open Source Vyatta Takes On Hardware

After years of open source projects like Linux and MySQL taking share from proprietary software companies, hardware makers like Cisco and Juniper get to experience the heart-stopping terror of open source hardware hitting the market.

Managed Hosting Service Review

When considering managed hosting services, I have to say the first company that comes to mind is Rackspace.

DIY PR in a ‘Cheap’ Economy

Putting aside all the recent rhetoric and controversy surrounding Web 2.0 companies, a few facts remain, one of which is this: the costs associated with starting and running a business today are significantly lower than they were a few years ago.

IBM Tweaks Software For Sun Hardware

“To be honest, we’ve had a little bit of a chill in our IBM relationship,” said Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s president and chief operating officer.

How to Attain SQL Server High Availability

You may find it hard to believe, but it is possible to maintain SQL Server high availability and not spend a fortune. In fact, you can spend a fortune and still not get SQL Server high availability. Sound like a paradox? Not really. SQL Server high availability is not a direct function of how much you spend. Instead, high availability is more about what you do right and what you do wrong.

Firefox Delays 1.1 Update, Discusses 2.0

Mozilla’s increasingly popular Firefox browser has been making quite a few waves since its official launch.

AMD Officially Announces Mobile Processor Turion

Looking to compete Intel’s Pentium-M mobile chip, AMD has introduced its Turion processor, a 64-bit chip designed for mobile-based technologies.