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Google Touts Its Green Tech in “Story of Send”

If you’ve ever wondered how your email gets from your computer to another inbox, you’re in luck. Google has created a simplistic video showing the basics of how email sent from Gmail travels to its destination. The video is more about how Google has taken extreme measures to lower its impact on the environment, especially at its data centers. There …

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Electric Car Pollution Worse Than Gas?

Conventional wisdom tells us that berthing car exhaust is bad. It further tells us that electric cars would cut down on emissions and thus be better for the breathing population. But, some new studies focusing on China have brought up some challenging observations on that topic. What if electric cars were worse? How could that be? Findings from University of …

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Solar Cells That Make More Power

Scientists have developed a new kind of solar cell which could capture significantly more of the energy from the sun than current cells. These new solar cells could increase the maximum efficiency of solar panels by over 25%, according to scientists from the University of Cambridge. Solar panels work by absorbing energy from particles of light, called photons, which then …

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