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Google Adds DoubleClick Ad Exchange Real-Time Bidding From Cloud Platform

Google announced that it is now letting marketers conduct real-time bidding on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange right from Google Cloud Platform. Ad Exchange users hosted on Google Compute Engine will always get 100 milliseconds for bid request processing and free network transit from Google Cloud Platform to all Ad Exchange trading locations (North America – east coast and west coast …

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Google Enters Ad Partnership With Time Inc.

Google has partnered with Time Inc. to launch the Time Inc. Global Exchange, a new ad exchange giving marketers programmatic access to Time’s properties around the world, which reach 116 million consumers. It will be powered by the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. “The strategic relationship between Time Inc. and Google to enable programmatic buying across markets will result in one of …

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Google’s DoubleClick Digital Marketing Insights Conference Start a Revolution in Online Advertising

Google wants users to know that they are doing everything that can to facilitate a revolution in online advertising that puts control in the viewers hands. This means they have to reengineer the whole system of buying and selling ads along with the way they are created. As you know, Google has already made great strides with creating tools and …

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Google Brings AdMob and DoubleClick Ad Exchange Together

Google announced that in the coming weeks, AdMob developers will be able to make their in-app inventory available on Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google is only letting a small number of pre-qualified buyers compete for the inventory at first, but it would be rolled out more broadly over time. “Ultimately, this will give app developers and publishers access to a …

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Google Announces New Features for Doublclick Ad Exchange

Google announced that it will roll out some new tools for DoubleClick Ad Exchange buyers. These features, the company says, will help buyers buy quality inventory and check their campaigns.

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange was launched in September as a real-time marketplace where online publishers and ad networks/agencies can buy and sell ad space for prices set in a real-time auction.

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Google Unleashes DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Google has announced the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which it refers to as a real-time marketplace for helping online publishers and ad networks/agencies buy and sell display ad space. Prices in the marketplace are set in a real-time auction.

Google says it has three principles for its approach to display advertising:

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