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Facebook Tells Marketers About What Users Are Saying

Facebook announced that it is going to begin offering topic data to marketers in an effort to let businesses get a better idea of what people are saying about their products on Facebook, so they can better optimize their strategies. Would you, as a business, like to get ahold of this data? As a user, are you okay with Facebook …

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Tumblr Gets More Ad-Friendly With DataSift Deal

Yahoo-owned Tumblr has a new deal in place with social analytics provider DataSift. The deal (the terms of which are unknown) sees DataSift get access to the Tumblr firehose, to offer users Tumblr data alongside that from Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Bitly, NewsCred, Instagram, Amazon, Flickr, reddit, Wikipedia, Dailymotion, Topix, IMDb, 2Channel and other assorted videos, blogs and message boards. …

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TweetMeme Just Officially Died

TweetMeme just announced that it is shutting down. If you’ll recall, they were responsible for the original retweet button, but over the years, Twitter effectively rendered the button useless for most sites, as more and more adopted Twitter’s official button. That’s not all the company had to offer though. “TweetMeme was built to curate and rank Twitter links and gained …

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