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Should Congress Regulate Data Brokers And Targeted Ads?

If you listen to the anti-surveillance movement across the U.S., they would have you believe that the NSA is the biggest privacy threat facing Americans today. While many in Congress would agree with that sentiment, one Committee thinks another group poses a much larger threat. On December 18, the Senate Commerce Committee released a new report on data brokers and …

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EFF Endorses FTC’s Final Privacy Report

The Electronic Frontier Foundation approved of the Federal Trade Commission’s final report on digital consumer privacy yesterday, although the privacy advocate did express some caution in giving the report its wholesale endorsement. The EFF supported the FTC’s recommendation of the ‘Do Not Track’ feature that will soon be arriving with browsers, a function which would allow consumers to indicate to …

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FTC Shifts Privacy Spotlight: New Best Practices

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a new report that sets forth a series of “best practices” for advertisers and data brokers to follow which can allow them to flourish while still protecting American consumer’s personal data. The new report makes special provisions for small business and clearly defines who should adhere to what set of best practices. Specifically, …

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