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Cassette Tape That Can Hold 185TB Revealed by Sony

The cassette tape has long been irrelevant in the consumer market, with the technology hanging on only in a few isolated hipster music circles. In storage media industry, however, cassettes have never really gone out of style. Magnetic tape is still one of the most reliable ways to archive large amounts of data, and the technology is still improving. Sony …

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AT&T, CSC Partner For Enterprise Cloud Solutions

AT&T and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) this week announced a new enterprise solutions agreement. CSC is a global IT company that offers enterprise solutions including applications, big data, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity. The companies will partner globally to provide “next-generation technology solutions” for businesses. More specifically, the companies will develop cloud solutions for enterprise. AT&T’s mobile network and existing cloud …

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Lenovo Acquires Cloud Computing Company Stoneware

Lenovo announced today that it has acquired cloud computing services company Stoneware Inc. Lenovo states that cloud computing solutions are now a key component of its product portfolio. The company expects the acquisition to speed along its offerings, particularly “the ability to provide secure content across multiple devices in education and government.” Stoneware is a privately held company that develops …

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Amazon Web Services Opens Reserved Instance Resale Market

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud computing solutions provider, today announced the launch of its Reserved Instance Marketplace. Amazon’s Reserved Instances allow businesses to pay a one-time fee to reserve computing capacity for a specified term and receive a discount on the hourly rate for the instance. Now, customers will no longer have to worry as much about biting off …

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VMware to Acquire DynamicOps, Inc.

VMware out of PaloAlto, California just announced a definitive agreement to acquire DynamicOps, Inc., a provider of cloud automation solutions and management of IT services across diverse environments. While the terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, the acquisition is expected to be complete by the end of the third quarter in 2012. Here’s what VMware had to …

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