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JPMorgan Refunds $389 Million to Customers for Ill-Suited Credit Card Practices

JPMorgan Chase & Co. have had coarse week that has cost them well over $1 billion in fines and refunds. Only hours following the announcement of admission in the London Whale trade devastation, which cost the bank $920 million in fines, JPMorgan made yet another announcement. The bank informed the public that they’d executed a massive reimbursement of over $309 …

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Hacker Releases Visa and Mastercard Information Stolen From Chase Bank

According to a hacker who calls himself Reckz, or Jeremy, he has gained access to Visa and Mastercard files through several large banks. He then released the information minus several critical aspects including card number, security code, and expiration date. The message was posted via Pastebin on the 18th of June. Reckz comments in his Pastebin post about the bank …

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