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Old School Search Engines: Where Are They Now?

We thought it would be fun to take a walk down search engine memory lane and look at what some of the search engines from the times before Google’s domination are up to these days. Remember the days when the search industry wasn’t dominated by Google or even the combination of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft? I’m going to look at …

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Leaked Document Outlines Impending Yahoo Shutdowns

Fans of AltaVista, Delicious, Fire Eagle, and Yahoo Buzz – along with many other Yahoo properties – may want to devise a backup plan.  A leaked corporate document indicates that a number of sites are due to be shut down, and more than a few others will in some way be merged.

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FTC Issues Restraining Order Against Yahoo, MSN

On behalf of the Federal Trade Commission, a federal court issued a restraining order against Yahoo, MSN, AllTheWeb, and Altavista to prevent the search engines from allowing mortgage finance scammers to use a government URL in sponsored search results, thus representing themselves as the operator of the site.
Mortgage Scammers

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Google (Mostly) Wins Search Engine Comparo

It was the equivalent of a bare-knuckle fight – a recent search engine comparison test made the contestants operate without the aid of Boolean commands, quotation marks, and other such common, semi-advanced search strategies.  Unsurprisingly, Google won the overall contest, but the search engine giant did suffer some losses.

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AlltheWeb is Back – Yahoo Introduces LiveSearch

AlltheWeb almost became one of the world’s most popular search engines a few years ago but was quickly forgotten during Google’s meteoric rise.

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Website Submission: Just the Facts

Search Engine Traffic Breakdown

Over 90% of US search engine traffic is driven by Yahoo! or Google owned search technology – source: Search Engine Watch. Additionally Ask Jeeves owns around 5% of the traffic. You may hear the names of many other search engines, but most of them are powered by the above search engines in one way or another. For example, Yahoo! owns Inktomi, AltaVista, and AllTheWeb. All three of those search engines are powered from the same database as Yahoo! Search. A few meta search engines also drive a decent amount of traffic.

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Free SEO Software: Shoe String Budget Search Engine Optimization

The Cost of SEO

Even more costly than the time performing SEO is the time it takes to learn how to do it correctly. Many people want to sell you things for $10 or $20 which have no intrinsic value. Most of the best SEO tools do not even cost 1 cent.

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Yahoo! Talks BlackHat Optimization And Search As Media

I had lunch with Tim Mayer of Yahoo yesterday. I’d heard he was “looking for me,” at PubCon one night in the hotel bar, and figured it was because we broke news on the SiteMatch product a little earlier than Yahoo would have liked. So I kind of avoided him after that.

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Teoma: The New, Highly Regarded Search Engine

The year 2001 saw dramatic changes in the search engine world. Major players have either folded or stopped crawling the web, pay-per-click services like Goto/Overture have become much more prominent, and “theme-based indexing” has firmly taken root.

Website owners who don’t understand what these changes mean for them are missing out on tremendous opportunities to boost their site’s search engine traffic.

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