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Bee Media Acquires Adcentricity; Goes Hyper-Local

Bee Media Inc., a mobile shopping platform, has acquired Adcentricity Inc., a location-based digital media company. Together the two are offering a couple new products which should make it easier for advertisers to reach consumers locally and offer deals in their neighborhood. Take a look at what the duo is offering: * ADMobile: A platform for location-based mobile shopping, including …

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Digital Signage is Getting Smarter and More Attractive to Advertisers

Earlier this month, we had a conversation with AdCentricity President Rob Gorrie, about the potential of digital out-of-home marketing, as location technology fuels the trend. His firm counts Disney, American Express, Verizon, Bank of America, Toyota, GM, Samsung, and Evian among its recent clients.

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Location-Based Marketing With More Power Than Facebook

There is a lot of hype around location-based services and the marketing opportunities that come with them, but check-in apps aren’t the only way to reach consumers on a location basis. Familiar with digital out-of-home advertising? It’s not exactly new and trendy, but there is a growing number of opportunities in this space as well.

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