18 Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas From Big Brands
With every brand vying for consumers’ attention and dollars throughout the holiday season, how can you stand out?

Date: 2017-11-21

Finally… a content marketing portal for the rest of us
BrandMaker Content Marketing Portal makes it a snap to manage, distribute, and target assets for maximum sales impact — all while maintaining business rules, policy, and brand control.

Date: 2017-11-16

Get instant visual feedback from your website visitors
Incoming Feedback by Hotjar is a new and easy way for people to leave their feedback and highlight specific elements on a page.

Date: 2017-10-24

Ad-Apocalypse: Why Brands Won’t Survive Without Interactive Experiences
There are a myriad of reasons why traditional digital advertising just isn’t clicking anymore. Together these mean huge changes for the digital marketing landscape, and marketers need to skill-up and adapt. So can brands connect once more and turn around consumer indifference and yield better results?

Date: 2017-10-19

How to Resolve Budget-Draining Facebook Ad Mistakes
There’s no denying that Facebook ads can be a potent marketing tool when done correctly. The social media giant offers numerous options for reaching a wide range of consumers and marketers are taking notice. As a matter of fact, 92% of marketers are now using the platform for their ad campaigns. But like any marketing strategy, Facebook ads can be disastrous financially if they’re not planned properly, a fact that countless businesses have discovered.

Date: 2017-9-22

5 Google Adwords Mistakes Every Online Marketer Shouldn’t Make
There’s no doubt that Google Adwords can be very beneficial to a business. It’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, generate leads and close sales. But like most good things, it also takes time, careful planning and execution, and a bit of an investment.

Date: 2017-9-5

Facebook Ramps Up Its Drive To Combat The Spread Of Fake News And Hoaxes
Facebook has ramped up its drive to combat the spread of fake news and hoaxes. It announced on Monday, that it will no longer allow Pages known to have repeatedly shared fake news in the past to advertise on its platform.

Date: 2017-8-31

Social Media Mistakes Marketers Should Avoid Making
Over the past decade, social media usage has increased exponentially, making it a segment that marketers can no longer ignore. In fact, the number of people actively using some form of social media grew by 121 million since April of this year, adding to a worldwide total of over three billion people.

Date: 2017-8-15

Testing & Optimization Toolkit: Increase Value, Not Just Visits
Testing and optimizing digital experiences doesn’t have to be complex, especially when you know which pages are contributing most to your bottom line. Start driving more conversions and more value today.

Date: 2017-8-03

[Guide] The Power of Your People: Employee Advocacy on Social
You’re sitting on a communications goldmine. Your employees with an average 846 social connections each collectively have more reach & influence than your brand could ever cultivate on its own.

Date: 2017-7-25

Generate More Sales By Using Whatsappl
Since launching in 2009, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular ways for people to communicate with each other across the globe. Today, the mobile app’s active user base is second only to its parent company, Facebook, with over 1.2 billion people using it to send messages and share data every month.

Date: 2017-7-19

Micro-Influencer Marketing Having Impact for Brands
Have you ever been convinced by a celebrity you are following on Instagram to buy something? We’ve all been there. When it comes to products and services, you as a consumer tend to follow suggestions from what you consider your inner circle—friends, family, and sometimes, your favorite social media star. Marketers know this all too well, and they take advantage of it through Influencer Marketing.

Date: 2017-6-21

Voice Search Marketing on the Rise
The popularity of voice-activated smart assistants is gaining traction, especially with Apple hopping on the bandwagon with its Siri speaker due to be released soon. This is why businesses should include voice search in their online marketing campaign, rather than focus solely on text-based searches.

Date: 2017-6-8

[Enterprise Guide] Improve Email Marketing ROI by Tracking These Metrics
The Growth Marketer’s Guide to Email Metrics covers the pivotal metrics used by email marketers, engineers, and marketing executives to achieve greater ROI.

Date: 2017-5-18

Media Habits Of Marketers Could Be Affecting Ad Buys
A recent survey by the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) found that marketers and advertisers consume media much differently than the typical consumer. While this might not be a big surprise, there is a strong possibility that media buyers are relying too much to their own media habits in determining ad spends which could be affecting marketing outcomes.

Date: 2017-5-1

Better ROI on your social media efforts

Social management and reporting is hard.
Most marketers rely on multiple tools and settle for inadequate insights with no clear action – which is not only frustrating but also prevents you from getting the ROI you expected.

Date: 2017-4-25

IBM Watson Marketing Insights Giving Enterprise Marketers Cognitive Power

IBM has announced new cognitive capabilities for IBM Watson Marketing Insights, IBM’s cloud-based marketing and customer analytics platform that uses the Watson’s artificial intelligence computer system to better examine and predict customer behavior..

Date: 2017-4-19

Marketers May See Paid Premium Memberships from Twitter
The 11 year history of Twitter is a compelling model of how a simple and free user-centric content service, supported by advertising, can grow to have tremendous reach and an huge impact on culture. Facebook is another example on a larger scale. But the key difference between the two services is ad revenue. Unlike Facebook, Twitter just hasn’t been able to attract the ad dollars.

Date: 2017-3-28

2017 Digital Ad Spends Will Favor Google and Facebook
Advertisers’ spend on digital formats worldwide is predicted to increase 17.4 percent to $583.92 billion according to a recent forecast from eMarketer. That represents 38.3 percent of the world’s entire ad budgets.

Date: 2017-3-22

Marketing the Crave on Instagram
According to a post on the Instagram Business blog the number one driver of visits to restaurants is the act of craving. In advertising this simply means making people hungry for what your are selling. Restaurants love Instagram because of its visualness, its frequent use of video in posts and probably most importantly, its primarily consumed on a mobile device.

Date: 2017-1-30