Tesla Model X Interior - Credit Tesla
Tesla Software Update Brings Rough Road and Pothole Scanning

Tesla is taking another step to improving its Full Self-Driving (FSD) with a new software update that detects rough roads and potholes and adjusts accordingly.

Chevrolet Truck
Supply Chain Woes Leave GM With 95,000 Vehicles Waiting for Parts

Supply chain issues continue to plague the auto industry, with GM currently waiting for parts for some 95,000 vehicles.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess
Volkswagen CEO: ‘I’m Not Sure Apple Will Bring Cars to Market’

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess cast doubt on Apple’s car plans, questioning whether the company really plans to bring a model to market.

GM Car
GM Turns to 3D Printing to Keep Tahoe Production On Track

GM is turning to 3D printing to keep Tahoe production on track, printing some 60,000 parts as supply chain issues impact manufacturing.

Mercedes-Benz - Image by Peter H
The EU May Ban New Combustion Engine Cars by 2035

Support is growing for an EU measure that would ban the sale of new vehicles powered by combustion engines by 2035.

Apple Park Headquarters
Apple Reportedly Shooting for 2025 to Release Full Self-Driving Car

Apple is reportedly working to launch a full self-driving Apple Car as early as 2025, potentially turning the auto industry on its head.

Intel DARPA Off-Road
Intel Wins DARPA Contract For Off-Road Autonomous Vehicle Sim Software

Intel has won a contract to provide the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with simulation software for autonomous off-road vehicle testing.

BMW Sports Car - Image by Tyler Clemmensen
BMW CEO Not a Fan of EV-Only Strategies

Automakers may be racing to transition to electric vehicles (EVs), but BMW CEO Oliver Zipse isn’t a fan of that approach.

Tesla Model 3
Canada to Ban Combustion Engine Cars Sales by 2035

Automakers will no longer be able to sell combustion engine passenger cars in Canada, effective 2035, adding to the growing impetus for a full transition to electric vehicles.

Chevrolet Truck
GM Shutting Down Indiana Pickup Truck Plant Over Chip Shortage

GM is shutting down its Fort Wayne, Indiana pickup truck factory for two weeks as a result of the semiconductor shortage.