Hyundai IONIQ 5
Hyundai Isn’t Sold on Touchscreens, Vows to Keep Physical Controls

Touchscreens may be all the rage in new vehicles, but Hyundai isn’t sold on the idea and has vowed to keep using physical controls.

Ford Battery Announcement
Ford’s EV Unit Is Losing Billions, Company Likens It to a Startup

Ford revealed that its EV unit is losing billions of dollars and says it should be viewed as a startup, one Ford is committed to.

Lamborghini Rolling Out Hybrid Tech Across All Models in India in 2024

Lamborghini has announced it is rolling out hybrid tech across all models in India by the end of 2024.

GM May Bring ChatGPT to Vehicles

General Motors may bring ChatGPT to vehicles, saying the technology is going to be in everything.”

2023 Fleet and Safety Business Forecast

When it comes to staying up to date with the latest automotive trends, be sure to read the fleet and safety business forecast below.

Latitude AI - Credit Ford
Ford Hires Former Argo Staff for Automated Driving Company

Ford is doubling down on automated driving research, hiring 550 former Argo AI staff to form a new company.

Ford Building
Ford Is Working on Self-Driving Repos

Ford has a novel idea for self-driving tech, with plans to use the it to automatically repossess cars from owners that default on their payments.

Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover Goes All-In On Self-Driving

Jaguar Land Rover appears to be going all-in on self-driving tech, with plans for three new European engineering hubs.

Ram 1500 REV
Ram 1500 REV Is a Major Hit As Reservations Sell Out

The Ram 1500 REV electric truck appears to be a major hit, with reservations for the first shipment sold out in less than a week.

EV Automakers Bring A Range Of Exciting Developments In Q1

EV automakers have been bringing a range of exciting developments In Q1. Learn more about these trends below.

Mustang Mach-E
Ford Is Dropping Mustang Mach-E Prices Across the Board

Ford is cutting prices across the board for the Mustang Mach-E in an effort to remain competitive following similar price cuts from Tesla.

Mustang Mach-E
Ford’s BlueCruise Beats Tesla’s Autopilot—By a Wide Margin

Consumer Reports has ranked the top automated driving systems, and Ford has come out on top, beating Tesla by a wide margin.

BMW SUV - Image by Andreas Riedelmeier
BMW Brings Its Feature Subscription Service to the US

BMW is bringing an unpopular service to the US, locking features behind a subscription fee despite vehicles already being equipped with them.

Tesla Roadster
Tesla Cannot Use ‘Full Self-Driving’ Name in California

Tesla can no longer use “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) to describe its self-driving software in California, following the passage of a new law.

Toronto Canada - Image by Gerald Friedrich
Canada to Require 20% Zero Emission Vehicle Quota by 2026

Canada is one step step closer to phasing out fossil fuel vehicles, requiring 20% of vehicles to be zero emission by 2026.

Apple Park Headquarters
Apple Delays Release of Apple Car to 2026, Limits Scope

Apple is dealing with an unusual setback, delaying the launch of the long-rumored Apple Car and reigning in the scope of the project.

Mercedes-Benz - Image by Peter H
Want Faster Acceleration in Your Mercedes? That Will Cost $1,200 Annually.

Mercedes is the latest automaker to jump on the most deplorable trend in the industry, charging $1,200 annually for faster acceleration.

Waymo Will Start Offering Free Rides to Some Passengers

In its next step toward full operation, Waymo is preparing to offer passengers free rides in San Francisco.

Zoom and Tesla
Zoom Is Coming to a Tesla Near You

Tesla and Zoom are working together to bring video conferencing to the automaker’s vehicles.

Renault and Google Watch
Google and Renault Working on an Automotive Software Platform

Google and Renault are working on a software platform for future vehicles that is based on Google’s platforms.