Digital Camera - Image by Robert Owen-Wahl
Amazon Is Shutting

Amazon is shutting down popular camera review site, ending a 25-year run.

Zippyshare Website
Zippyshare File Hosting Service Is Shutting Down After 17 Years

Zippyshare, the popular file hosting service, is shutting down after 17 years of operation, despite 45 million monthly visits.

Aongus Hegarty, President of International Markets at Dell Technologies
The CIO Is Now Central To The Business Strategy

The CIO now has become front and center and central to the business strategy, says Aongus Hegarty, President of International Markets at Dell Technologies. There has been a fundamental change in the role of the CIO.

Circuit Board - Image by Gerd Altmann
Netherlands Follow US Lead in Chip War Against China

The Netherlands has joined the US chip war against China, restricting export of the country’s “most advanced” chips.

European Parliament - Image by Erich Westendarp
Germany Pushes Back Against EU Client-Side Scanning Plans

The EU Commission wants to roll out client-side scanning on consumers’ devices, but Germany is pushing back against the plan.

Fiber Internet - Image by Daniel Dino-Slofer
EU Considers Making Big Tech Pay For Infrastructure Upgrades

The EU Commission is considering a proposal that would see tech companies charged for network infrastructure upgrades.

Comcast Caught Giving Fake Coverage Data to FCC…Again

Comcast seems determined to maintain its status as one of America’s most hated companies, repeatedly misleading the FCC about its coverage.

TSMC - Credit Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Apple Secures TSMC’s Entire First Run of 3nm Chips

Apple reportedly bought up TSMC’s entire first run of 3nm chips, giving the iPhone maker a significant advantage over rivals.

Supreme Court
SCOTUS Appears Reluctant to Overturn Section 230

The US Supreme Court appears reluctant to overturn Section 230, setting up a major win for tech firms and online platforms.

Lina Khan - Credit Yahoo Finance
FTC Commissioner Resigns, Pens Scathing Op-Ed About Lina Khan

FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson is resigning, penning a scathing op-ed in The Wall Street Journal condemning Chairwoman Lina Khan.

Netflix Streaming on Apple TV - Image by StockSnap
Apple TV Users Can Now Accept iCloud Terms Without iOS Device

Apple has issued a support document clarifying that users can now accept iCloud terms via the web if they don’t have an iOS device.

Fiber Internet - Image by Daniel Dino-Slofer
Frontier Is Rolling Out 5 Gig Internet Nationwide

Frontier is staking claim to an industry-first, rolling out the first nationwide 5 gig internet service in the US.

London Parliament - Image by Adam Derewecki
UK Plans to Subsidize Domestic Semiconductor Production

The UK plans to subsidize its semiconductor industry in an effort to bring more production in-country.

Kitchen Appliances - Image by Addi Gibson
Appliance Makers Can’t Understand Why Consumers Don’t Connect Them

Appliance makers are befuddled, wondering why consumers are choosing not to connect their appliances to the internet.

AWS and SAP Expand Partnership to Accelerate Digital Transformation

AWS and SAP have announced a new partnership aimed at helping customers accelerate their digital transformation.

Samsung S22+
Samsung Expands ‘Self-Repair’ to Include Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Book Pro Series

Samsung is expanding its Self-Repair program to include Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra family, and the Galaxy Book Pro 15” and Galaxy Book Pro 360 15” PCs.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen: Pandemic Was Inflection Point For Everything Being Digital
Adobe CEO: Pandemic Was Inflection Point For Everything Being Digital

Shantanu Narayen, Chairman and CEO of Adobe, discusses how the pandemic has created another “inflection point” in the move toward digital transformation.

COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation, Says DocuSign CEO Dan Springer
COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation, Says DocuSign CEO

We have seen significant acceleration since the COVID-19 pandemic, says DocuSign CEO Dan Springer. A significant portion of that (increase) was due to increase use cases from customers driving that digital transformation faster with services like DocuSign.

Apple Sued Over AirTags for Revolutionizing Scope of Stalking

Apple is once again under fire over its AirTags devices, with a class-action suit filed over their use in stalking.

Charter Spectrum
Spectrum Is Experiencing an Outage

Spectrum users are reporting issues, with the internet service seeing a spike in outages early Tuesday morning.