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JPMorgan Wants to Apply AI to Investment Advice

JPMorgan is getting in on the AI game, with plans to develop a ChatGPT-like AI that will help customers with their investments.

Anne Boden
Anne Boden, Founder of Starling Bank, Is Stepping Aside As CEO

Anne Boden has served as CEO of Starling Bank since founding it in 2014, but has now announced she is stepping down.

IRS Is Creating a Free Tax Filing Service Over the Industry’s Objections

The Internal Revenue Service is moving forward with plans to unveil a free tax filing service, despite objections from the tax industry.

Revolut Payments
Revolut CFO Quits After Auditor’s Revenue Warnings

Revolut CFO Mikko Salovaara has quit, citing “personal reasons,” just weeks after an independent auditor raised concerns about the company’s revenue.

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Judge Dismisses Shareholder Lawsuit Over Block’s Tidal Deal

A judge has dismissed a shareholder lawsuit against Block over its “terrible business decision” to purchase a majority stake in the Tidal music service.

Income Tax Calculator - Image by Steve Buissinne
TurboTax Sending Out Checks As Part of $141 Million Multi-State Settlement

TurboTax is sending out payout checks as part of a $141 million settlement with all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Bitcoin Blockchain - Image by Mohamed Hassan
DAME Tax: White House Calls for 30% Tax On Crypto Mining

The White House has proposed a controversial tax on crypto mining to help offset its economic and environmental impact.

Apple Store
Customers Deposit Almost $1 Billion in Apple Savings in Four Days

It appears Apple has another hit on its hands, although it’s not a tech product in the strictest sense.

First Republic Bank
First Republic Bank Falls; JPMorgan Takes Over Debts and Assets

First Republic has fallen despite an organized campaign by other banks to prop it up and avoid the same face as Silicon Valley Bank.