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DAME Tax: White House Calls for 30% Tax On Crypto Mining

The White House has proposed a controversial tax on crypto mining to help offset its economic and environmental impact.

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FTX Recovers $7.3 Billion in Assets

Things may be looking up for FTX customers, with news the crypto exchange recovered $7.3 billion in assets amid its bankruptcy.

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FTX Stored Keys for $100M+ Accounts in Plaintext

Revelations about FTX’s negligent behavior continue, with reports the company stored keys for accounts worth more than $100 million in plaintext.

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Is Close: What Does It Mean For The Ethereum Ecosystem?

What does the Shanghai upgrade mean for the Ethereum ecosystem? Read on to the article for more information.

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Bitcoin Surges After Banks Collapse

On the heels of three banks collapsing in the last week, Bitcoin appears to be benefiting from consumer fears.

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Tesla’s Net 2022 Bitcoin Losses Totaled $140 Million

Tesla executives may be regretting the company’s investment in Bitcoin, with its losses totaling a whopping $140 million in 2022.

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SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Slams Agency’s Crypto Actions

SEC commissioner Hester Peirce has publicly slammed her agency for being “hostile to crypto” and a “paternalistic and lazy regulator.”

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Senate Banking Chairman Opens Door to Banning Crypto

In the wake of the FTX crypto meltdown, Senate banking chairman Sherrod Brown has opened the door to banning crypto.

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Microsoft Bans Crypto Mining On Its Cloud Platform

Microsoft has updated its Universal License Terms for Online Services to prohibit crypto mining on its cloud platform.

Binance Abandons Plans to Buy FTX

Binance has abandoned plans to purchase FTX, despite being partly to blame for its rival’s woes.