iPhone 11 Pro Production
Supreme Court Kills Apple’s Attempt to Overturn Qualcomm’s Patents

The United States Supreme Court has killed Apple’s efforts to overturn Qualcomm’s patents, ending the iPhone maker’s long-standing legal battle.

FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel
FCC Cracks Down on Carriers That Have Failed to Fight Robocalls

The FCC is getting serious about fighting robocalls, requiring other carriers to block calls from non-compliant ones.

T-Mobile OnePlus 10T - Credit T-Mobile
T-Mobile Lands US Exclusive for OnePlus 10T

T-Mobile will be the exclusive US carrier for the all-new OnePlut 10T.

AT&T Logo
Most AT&T Customers Will Not Be Able to Access Faster 5G

Many of AT&T’s customers are in for a major disappointment, with the carrier’s mid-band 5G not supporting the majority of recent phones.

T-Mobile Store
T-Mobile Tops J.D. Power Study for Wireless Customer Care for 10th Consecutive Time

T-Mobile has taken the top honors in J.D. Power’s 022 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Mobile Network Operator Performance Study – Volume 2 for the 10th consecutive time.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet - Credit T-Mobile
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Adds 64 New Cities in US Northeast

T-Mobile continues to expand its 5G Home Internet service, adding coverage for 64 new cities and towns in the US Northeast.

T-Mobile Spectrum
T-Mobile Is the Big Winner of the FCC’s Latest Spectrum Auction

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has concluded another spectrum auction, and T-Mobile was the hands-down winner.

T-Mobile Network Pass
Users Can Test Drive T-Mobile’s Network for Free for Three Months

T-Mobile is upping the ante once again, giving users the ability to test its network for free for up to three months.

Ericsson: 5G Subscriptions Hit 690 Million in Q2 2022

The growth of 5G continues unabated, with global subscriptions reaching 690 million in Q2 2022.

T-Mobile SpaceX - Credit T-Mobile
T-Mobile Partners With SpaceX to Provide Coast-to-Coast Coverage

T-Mobile and SpaceX are working together to take coverage to the next level, leveraging SpaceX’s Starlink service and T-Mobile’s 5G.

AWS Private 5G
AWS Private 5G Launches With 4G Service

AWS has launched its Private 5G service, although it currently only supports the older 4G LTE.

Earth Internet - Image by Pete Linforth
FCC Denies Nearly $1 Billion in Subsidies for Starlink

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) dealt a major blow to SpaceX’s Starlink, rejecting its application for nearly $1 billion in subsidies.

Rotten Apple - Image by David Cardinez
Apple Claims Human Rights Violation in Colombian Ban, Uses Similar Tactic as Epic Games

Apple is using an unexpected argument to protest its Colombian ban, claiming its human rights have been violated.

AST SpaceMobile and Nokia - Credit AST SpaceMobile
AST SpaceMobile Taps Nokia for Its Space-Based Cellular Network

AST SpaceMobile has signed a five-year deal with Nokia as it works to develop the only space-based cellular network.

T-Mobile Earnings Call
T-Mobile Posts Major Subscriber Growth on Cheaper Plans

T-Mobile released its Q2 2022 results, turning in huge subscriber growth as a result of cheaper plans.

Huawei Engineers - Image Credit: Huawei
FBI: Huawei Equipment on Cell Towers Could Disrupt US Nuclear Capability

The FBI has accused Huawei of spying for China and installing equipment that could disrupt nuclear operations communications.

T-Mobile and Apple
T-Mobile Teams Up With Apple to Introduce Wireless Plan for Small Businesses

T-Mobile and Apple are joining forces to offer a wireless plan that combines T-Mobile’s 5G and Apple’s Business Essentials.

Jessica Rosenworcel
FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel Wants More Info on Mobile Carrier Data Practices

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel wants more information from mobile carriers on their data practices.

DirecTV Joins SpaceX, OneWeb in Objecting to Dish Network’s 5G Plans

The hits keep on coming for Dish Network’s 5G plans, with rival DirecTV contacting the FCC with concerns about the impact on satellite TV.

Jessica Rosenworcel - Credit National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Huawei and ZTE Equipment Removal Will Cost Billions More

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has informed lawmakers that removing equipment from Huawei and ZTE will cost billions more than anticipated.