International Space Station
US Agrees to Extend Space Station Operations Through 2030

The International Space Station (ISS) has earned another lease on life, with the Biden-Harris administration committed to funding it through 2030.

Elon Musk Pushes Back on Accusations SpaceX Is Cluttering Space

Space X CEO Elon Musk pushed back on accusations his company is cluttering space with its Starlink satellite constellation.

Starlink Launch
China Claims Two Close Calls With Space Station and Starlink Satellites

China has filed a complaint with the UN claiming its space station had two close calls with Starlink satellites.

US Space Force Gen. David Thompson
China Becoming a ‘Tremendous Threat’ in Space

The US Space Force is calling out China as a “tremendous threat” in space, saying the country is advancing rapidly.

Blue Origin - Credit Blue Origin
Federal Judge Shuts Down Blue Origin’s Lawsuit Against NASA

Blue Origin has been dealt a major blow, with a federal judge ruling against its suit aimed at forcing NASA to reconsider its bid.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg
Verizon and Amazon Partner to Deliver Satellite Internet to Rural Areas

Verizon and Amazon have announced a partnership to use the latter’s Project Kuiper satellites to deliver internet access to underserved communities.

Blue Origin - Credit Blue Origin
Blue Origin Announces Plans for Commercial Space Station

Blue Origin, along with Sierra Space, has announced plans for a commercial space station called Orbital Reef.

Elon Musk
Musk: In Talks to Provide In-Flight Starlink Internet

Elon Musk says SpaceX is in talks to provide in-flight Starlink internet, and it will be even faster than customers are accustomed to.

Blue Origin NS-18 Crew - Credit Blue Origin
Shatner Returns to Earth After Successful Blue Origin Flight

Blue Origin’s record-breaking flight was a resounding success as the crew, including William Shatner, have returned to Earth.

William Shatner - Credit William Shatner
William Shatner Will ‘Boldly Go’ to Space on the Next Blue Origin Flight

William Shatner is slated to go to space on Blue Origin’s next flight, ‘boldly going’ where his Captain Kirk character has gone since 1966.