Artificial Intelligence - Image by Gerd Altmann
Prepare For Skynet: Researcher Say Super-Intelligent AI Will Be Impossible to Control

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and improve, researchers are offering a dire warning, saying super-intelligent AI will be impossible to control.

Social AI? Uber Researchers Propose New Language Model

Researchers at Uber are proposing a new artificial intelligence (AI) language model that emphasizes positive, social interaction.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian
Google Cloud Opens New Cloud Regions

Google Cloud has announced it has opened three new cloud regions, expanding its worldwide cloud presence.

Microsoft Office Building
Microsoft Using AI to Tackle Corruption

Marking the 15th anniversary of the United Nations’ International Anti-Corruption Day, Microsoft has unveiled Anti-Corruption Technology and Solutions (ACTS).

Loon Balloon - Credit Loon
Loon Internet Balloons Being Piloted By Google AI

Fully autonomous cars may not be here yet, but artificial intelligence (AI) is already piloting Loon’s fleet of internet-providing balloons.

What Is Industry 4.0 and How Will it Affect Us?
What Is Industry 4.0 and How Will it Affect Us?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lay improvements across 3 new sectors: smart communication, data quality, and smart devices.

Amazon Alexa Echo Plus
AWS Moves Majority of Alexa to Custom Silicon

Amazon has migrated the majority of Alexa to the next generation of its custom silicon chips.

Amazon Echo Studio
AI May Improve Smart Speakers by Detecting Voice Direction

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a machine learning model to detect the direction of an incoming voice.

Apple iPhone
More Evidence Apple Is Working On Its Own Search Engine

More evidence would suggest that Apple is working on its own search engine to help challenge Google’s dominance.

T-Mobile Ventures
T-Mobile Launches 5G Venture Capital Fund

T-Mobile has launched T-Mobile Ventures, a fund aimed at backing companies “developing transformative 5G products and services for the T-Mobile network.”