Zooey Deschanel Dance Battles Jessica Biel


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Jessica Biel, for president? If she ran, Zooey Deschanel would definitely give her her vote.

Biel guest stars on New Girl's season 4 premiere. She plays Kat, a sexy scientist. Deschanel's character Jess decides to hit on the best man at the last wedding of the summer. Veep's Reid Scott also guest stars as the best man. Jess and him seem to be hitting it off until Kat comes, which makes it a Kat and Jess battle for the best man. The two ladies even engage in a dance off to win him.

Recently, the cast of Fox's hit-series spoke to E! at the Fox Fall Eco-Casino party. The New Girl cast disclosed some juicy details about the upcoming season. Hannah Simone (who plays CeCe) and Lamorne Morris (who plays Winston) both discussed how the fourth season of New Girl will go back to the roots of the series.

Everyone is single, so they'll be focusing a lot more on figuring out their lives. Winston and CeCe will both undergo major career changes. CeCe won't be modeling anymore, and Winston will finally become a cop.

Morris and Simone were asked about Biel's guest appearance on New Girl. They both commented on how she behaved professionally and was a nice person to work with on set. Morris jokingly talked about his relationship with her husband, Justin Timberlake. According to him, he had to call Timberlake and tell him to let Biel work and not worry about her job. Morris also joked about how Timberlake kept singing to him on the phone, because they are such good friends.

Later Deschanel offered her imput on Biel. She told E! Online that, Biel is "amazing. I mean talk about like, she's beautiful, she's really funny, she is so nice. She's a hell of a dancer. This girl I mean she could do anything. I would vote for her for president if she ran."

New Girl's fourth season premieres Tuesday September 16 on Fox.