Zombie Ants: New Fungus Keeps Zombie Population Under Control

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There are so many weird stories about the insect world that would make great plots for horror films with just a few small changes; this is one of them.

Apparently there's a fungus hanging out in rain forests that attacks the brains of ants and turns them into mindless zombies, sending them on a "death march" to a particular leaf at a particular time of day. Scientists believe this is to give the fungus time to incubate before it bursts from the ant's head like something from a Ridley Scott movie and releases deadly spores into the air.

Give your brain a minute to process that. Now, take in the fact that a new fungus has been discovered which effectively disables those spores, keeping most of them from being released and infecting healthy ants. This isn't happening in a lab, either; it's straight up Mother Nature laying down some law.

Luckily, humans haven't seen anything like this...yet. I guess if we do, we'll know where to turn. Fungus.

@LauraDore are you scared of going to the park now?
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