Zac Efron: From 'Wiggle' to 'Turn Down for What'

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Zac Efron has moves--amazing dance moves--and he's been happy to share them in recent days via video clips--while on vacation in Italy. The actor is vacationing with some very talented people including entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, actress Michelle Rodriguez and choreographer Youssef Giga. It seems that when they're not enjoying the typical spoils of an Italian vacation--boating and beaching it--they've been watching Zac perfect those dance moves.

It was just a few days ago that Gianluca Vacchi posted a video of Zac Efron and Youssef Giga dancing to 'Turn Down for What.' Michelle Rodriguez takes part by yelling "action" right before the two guys show off their dance moves.

Check it out for yourself.

It was just a few days earlier that Zac Efron was featured in another video--also posted by Gianluca Vacchi. He strutted his stuff--his dance stuff, that is--to Jason Derulo's song 'Wiggle.'

See the Neighbors star wiggle.

The former High School Musical actor has certainly had years' worth of dancing experience. These two videos, however, have some fans wondering if his vacation is more than just play. Is he hinting at a new role he might be playing in the future? Is this some sort of working vacation?

Michelle Rodriguez--of Fast & Furious fame--and Zac Efron are guests of Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi and his girlfriend during this vacation. They have been spotted in Sardinia on both land and sea, enjoying all the region offers--including a time and place for some fun antics.

Are Rodriguez and Efron about to star in some new venture--likely a film--together? Are they involved with one another on more than just a BFF basis? Zac Efron spent time in rehab not too long ago and it's a pretty well-known fact that Michelle Rodriguez is a bit of a party animal. Apparently the reason behind their togetherness remains to be seen. In the meantime what can be seen is Zac showing off those illustrious dance moves and having a great time with this friends.

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