YouTube Offers Help With DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

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There's not that many more shopping days till Christmas so it's time to get cracking on ideas for your friends, fiends, and family. If you suffer from Christmas-time agoraphobia (who wouldn't?), conscientiously choose not to spend money on the world's most compulsive ritual of consumerism, or even if you're simply living on a tight budget these days there's always the creative and frugal option of making gifts for your recipients. Making gifts, however, isn't always the easiest option as you have to 1) have a creative idea of what to make for people and 2) have talent. Heavy emphasis on the second requirement.

If you're short on either of those two gift-making requisites, YouTube has come to your aid. They've compiled a series of Do-It-Yourself videos that detail instructions on how to make a few homely gifts such as coasters, an envelope clutch (because nothing says "I didn't try this year" like an envelope clutch) and peppermint bath salts.

They've also included a guide to wrapping gifts in socks (because nothing says "I didn't try this year" like wrapping gifts in your dirty old socks).

On their Twitter account, YouTub offered up a video that details how to make a DIY Geometric Necklace, which is a gift that makes it look like you tried and are talented.

Most likely, everybody will feign excitement and adoration when they realize that you gave them one of these gifts. Hopefully you're a deft knitter or a baking wizard and can rely on those skills to produce quality DIY gifts for those unfortunate enough to be on your shopping list this year. For all parties involved, this will make it much easier to summon authentic smiles of gratitude and pride when your gift is presented.

Failing all of this, be thankful there is always Family Dollar.

Has anybody out there had much success in making well-received gifts for people? Has anybody received DIY gifts that you actually liked? What was it? Share your ideas below.