YouTube Direct 2.0 Unveiled


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Don't be surprised if more YouTube-sourced content starts to appear on news sites and in televised news programs.  A fresh version of a tool that encourages that sort of thing has been rolled out, and it looks like YouTube Direct has received some significant upgrades.

Now, YouTube Direct partners like ABC News, Gannett, the Huffington Post, NPR, and the Washington Post will be able to accept photos, and not just videos, from citizen reporters.  This is important since not everyone is always willing and/or able to watch online clips, and since YouTube videos don't always work well on TV.

A couple more upgrades then relate to the mobile market and accessibility, since mobile app code for both Android and the iPhone's been introduced and it's become possible to edit and translate videos' captions.

People and companies on both sides of the citizen reporter-YouTube Direct partner relationship stand to benefit, then.  A post on the YouTube Biz Blog suggested, "If you're already using YouTube Direct, we strongly encourage you to upgrade.  And if you haven't yet embraced the platform, but want to use YouTube to connect with a larger audience, now is the perfect time to get started."

The above video gives a little more information about YouTube Direct if you're interested.