You Could Be Incepted Soon


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We've already said that it's only a matter of time before we're just uploading knowledge into our noggins in order to learn everything from origami to piano so the next logical step in humanity's quest to be "just like in the movies" would be a scourge of mind-thievery.

In other words, cue the intense music because researchers at Yale think it's only a matter of time before people are able to use lucid dreams to not just learn abilities but possibly invade the dreams of others.

According to The Daily Mail, Yale researcher Robert Morgan thinks these regions of the brain can be accessed for improved social control and decision-making. "We know that by engaging circuits in the brain we can change its architecture," Morgan says. The Daily Mail continues:

Being in command of dreams opens up opportunities to manipulate them for learning and training - although it may not be quite as precise as learning to play the violin while asleep. Instead, 'lucid dreamers' can control areas of their brain to open up and 'learn' while they sleep. What's more, it seems that merely being a lucid dreamer seems to give you an advantage.

So as the subtitle above suggests, take a hint from Mr. Jack Donaghy:

Because the next time you doze off on a plane you may wake up with a stirring hunger for some kung-fu robbery. Be careful, readers.