Yoga Mats: Three Easy Ways To Clean Them


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Yoga is a popular and healthy way to stay in shape and relax.

If you like to do yoga, you probably have a yoga mat and if you use it often, you have probably found that it can get dirty and even smelly fairly easily.

Since your yoga mats are placed on the floor and often stored in your closet, car or gym bag, it can be easy for them to harbor germs and bacteria.

Cleaning them is not only good hygiene, it is also necessary to protect yourself from getting ill.

If you are wondering how to safely clean your yoga mat, try one of these three simple methods that are sure to get the sweat, grime and germs off of your favorite mat.

Scrub It
If there is noticeable dirt on your yoga mat, you may need to scrub it to remove the grime. Some yoga mats may be made out of materials that look like they would fall apart if scrubbed, but most yoga mats are more durable than you would expect. Use a soft bristle brush to gently rub some dish detergent and water onto the mat. Scrub until the stain or grime is gone and rinse thoroughly. Laundry stain remover can also be used to remove stubborn stains. If you want a more natural cleaning method, try some vinegar. Be sure to hang the mat up to dry afterwards.

Soak It
If your mat has been in need of a deep clean for a while you may need to soak it before you try to wipe away any dirt or grime. You can safely soak the mat in a bathtub or a sink that contains hot water and dish soap. Allow the mat to soak for at least three hours and then use a dry towel to remove any dirt or grime that is noticeable. Dry thoroughly before using or storing.

Hose It
Dropped your yoga mat in a mud puddle or left in your locker while you were on vacation? Don't throw that gross and smelly yoga mat out just yet, there could still be hope for it. If your mat is too gross to bring into your home to clean, try hosing it off outside. If you have a power washing tip, add it to your hose and use it to spray the soiled spots. Always allow the mat to dry thoroughly after washing.

Yoga mats are inexpensive, but it doesn't make any sense to buy a new one if you can clean your old one. Use these tips to get your yoga mat clean and save you some money.