Yoga Gear For Beginners: What To Buy


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So you’ve decided to take up yoga in an effort to get into shape. Good for you!

Of course as with any new fitness endeavor, you’re going to find yourself having to condition your body to get to a place where it can do all of the more advanced poses.

If you’re new to yoga or out of practice, you’ll definitely want to invest in some helpful yoga equipment.

These items are meant to help you get the most out of yoga fitness without hurting yourself.


This is probably the most basic of all yoga equipment, even used for exercise regimens that aren’t yoga-specific. Today there are a variety of mats to choose from; it's important to carefully choose the mat that’s right for your body and needs.

For instance if you are over six feet tall, you’ll feel a bit awkward trying to use a mat for someone that’s barely five feet in height.

Blocks And Props

If you have no flexibility, the yoga block will be your friend. You want to use a block or prop when a particular pose requires you to stretch in a way that is uncomfortable.

If you wish to bend down to touch your toes without bending your knees, you would use the block to make up the distance that you cannot reach. This allows you to stretch without staining your back or other muscles.

You should also consider gear such as a back arch and exercise ball. These can help you achieve poses and movements more naturally and avoid overexertion.


Yoga pants are a fashion statement to some women, but the right yoga pants can be an important means of comfort and flexibility as you exercise.

Be sure to choose a yoga outfit that is best for your specific body type.

Also think of your yoga outfit(s) as separate from regular clothes. That is, you will probably want to shower and change into something else after using them.

What Other Yoga Items Do You Recommend To Yoga Beginners? Share Below!