Yahoo Web Analytics Version 10.3.19 Gives Product A Facelift

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Yahoo is giving Yahoo Web Analytics a refresh, and as a start, has launched version 10.3.19.

"We want to make the YWA user experience better – we know that our customers love the product functionality but they would like to see some changes in the interface. We’re hoping that this part of the UI refresh helps to improve usability," says Emer Kirrane.

For one, they've cleaned up the settings page, changing some of the text to make relevant settings easier to find. They also removed Personal Setup, which was no longer in use anyway.

Yahoo Analytics

"QuickLinks" have been added to the Control Center, the first page you see when you log in. Kirrane lists the following changes on the Yahoo Web Analytics blog:

  • We’ve moved the Logout button to the menu bar to make it easier to find
  • We’ve removed the sidebar links as they were not relevant to the way users use YWA
  • We’ve created QuickLinks for each project to improve usability in YWA
    – new: direct access to the Custom Report Wizard
    – new: direct access to the Manage Projects page
    – new: direct access to the Manage Segments page
  • We’ve moved the Installation link from the menu bar and created a QuickLink from the relevant project to improve usability and reduce the instance of error (accidentally copying the tag for the wrong project).

The company acknowledges that the service has experienced a lot of outages, and promises that it's working on making this a non-issue.

Chris Crum

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