Yahoo Mobile Blog Launches


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Yahoo may be doing a lot more in terms of mobile before long.  Or at least telling us more about its current cell phone-related efforts.  Either way, it launched the Yahoo Mobile Blog this week for the sake of keeping everyone up to date.

Irv Henderson, who's Yahoo's Vice President of Global Mobile Products, wrote the introductory blog post, and explained, "You can expect to learn about new product launches and enhancements, quick tips and tricks, our take on market trends, and predictions for where we see the market is heading."

Henderson also hinted, "So what's to come in 2010?  Three developments will play a key role in shaping the mobile industry: Powerful browsers, the OS as a launching pad, and local content."

It should be interesting to see where Yahoo comes into that list.  "Local content" seems like the best bet, but at the same time, Henderson's reference to browsers and operating systems makes it more likely that the company has irons in those fires.  Execs tend not to admit that they're ignoring two-thirds of a major growth opportunity, after all.

We'll see what happens.  Hopefully Yahoo won't wait too long between blog posts.

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