Yahoo Messenger 11.5 Update Adds New Features


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On Tuesday, March 13th, I learned about a new update to Yahoo Messenger. As an avid user of this messaging system, I was excited to test it out and to see what changes they have unveiled, because it has been quite a while since the directory giant had released an update for this software.

The update may seem deceiving, because the update's release number is the same as the previous release (11.5); however, after a user downloads the new release of this quality messaging client, the user will see some new features that I have elaborated about below. These are two new features that I am glad to see integrated into YM:

  • Recent Contacts - Above the friends lists that you have created within Yahoo Messenger, a "Recent Contacts" list will appear that will display the buddies that you have recently messaged with. If you would like this feature disabled, you can turn it off within the "Show/Hide" section of the Contacts menu.
  • Tabbed Conversations: - Instead of having multiple windows for multiple conversations, all of your active conversations are now integrated within one messaging window. To toggle between conversations with other YM users, select their username from the list of tabs at the bottom of the messaging window.

If you are an existing user of Yahoo Messenger, or you would like to try it out, download this new release here. This release is only available for Windows users.

Please be sure to leave any feedback below pertaining to the new release of this quality instant messaging client.