Yahoo Japan-Google Deal Gets Regulatory Approval


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A tie-up between Yahoo Japan and Google may sound unlikely for all sorts of reasons, but antitrust regulators in Japan see no reason to stop the deal from going forward.  Earlier today, the Fair Trade Commission declared that the proposed partnership isn't anticompetitive.

A little background information: Yahoo Japan said in July that it intended to make use of Google's search tech, which came as a surprise to many since Yahoo and Bing were moving forward together in the U.S.

The idea was also a bit of a shocker since the arrangement would give Google control of something like 90 percent of the Japanese search market.

Still, Takujiro Kono of the Fair Trade Commission said according to Daisuke Wakabayashi, "We have not found any evidence that they are collaborating by sharing sensitive information such as ad pricing or any other problematic ways."

The Fair Trade Commission just intends to continue to monitor the two companies to make sure they don't cooperate more than they should.

Not much else seems to stand in the way of Yahoo Japan and Google moving forward together, although Microsoft and Japanese competitor Rakuten still object to the tie-up.