Yahoo Enters Partnership To Help Users Find Apps


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The market for apps seems to grow bigger every month, and one way for a company to get its name out there is to develop some apps of its own.  A different - and much easier - way is to just partner with a business that points people towards apps, and this is the approach Yahoo took today, partnering with Appolicious.

Appolicious, which was only founded last year, allows individuals to review and rate apps for Android devices, the iPhone, and the iPad.  It offers curated lists of recommended apps, too, along with personalized recommendations.  All of which will now be easier for Yahoo users to access.

A formal announcement revealed, "[L]inks to Appolicious' original articles about the latest apps will be featured in relevant content on Yahoo!'s media properties.  Users who click on an Appolicious link will be directed to a co-branded site . . . .  In addition, Yahoo! users will be able to automatically join the Appolicious site using their Yahoo! ID and password."

This is sort of a big deal, considering that it involves Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Sports.  Unfortunately, if any money's involved, both sides have chosen to stay mum about it.

Alan Warms, the founder and CEO of Appolicious, just hinted that everyone should benefit by stating, "By linking to our content throughout Yahoo!'s media sites, we will be able to bring a best-in-class experience to consumers and advertisers."