Yahoo, Cox Digital Solutions Partner To Create Political Advertising Goliath


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In order to make sure that Americans don't miss a single political ad this year, Cox Digital Solutions announced today that they are partnering with Yahoo in order to provide exclusive political and advocacy advertising across Yahoo properties. With 2012 being an election year in the U.S., this is a pretty timely agreement between the two companies. The press release goes into the details of the agreement:

The relationship makes Cox Digital Solutions, reaching 157 million unique users and nearly 70% of the total U.S. Internet audience (December 2011 comScore) with their local and national media solutions each month, a unique source of political advertising. Yahoo!’s media properties are No.1 in 10 categories including Sports, News, and Finance, reaching more people each day than any network, newspaper, or cable channel. In the U.S., Yahoo! attracts 175 million unique users, reaching 79% of the total U.S. Internet audience (December 2011 comScore). As a selling agent for political, issue, or advocacy advertising that runs across Yahoo!, Cox Digital Solutions offers political advertisers another scalable option for reaching their target audience.

This partnership falls in line with another recent announcement from Cox Digital about its "enhanced targeting solution that enables advertisers to target online advertising based on congressional district." Basically, this targeting expands over Cox Digital's massive net of content and local media sites by "combining IP mapping with proprietary data, to find users in an advertisers’ exact target congressional district."

Steve Shaw, President of Cox Digital Solutions, celebrated the team-up with Yahoo. "The partnership with Yahoo! and our continued focus on technology are big wins not only for us, but also for the publishers and advertisers that we serve," Shaw said. "This step shows our continued commitment to supporting political advertisers and agencies who need digital ad solutions that deliver."

Yahoo's Vice President of Global Agencies Accounts and Sales, Seth Dallaire, added, "Yahoo! reaches nearly 90 percent of the nation’s online voting-age adults each month, which means Yahoo! users will ultimately help determine the outcome of the U.S. elections." He also echoed Shaw's excitement and said, "We are thrilled to partner with a leader like Cox Digital Solutions and leverage its expertise in political selling with our reach to provide advertisers the voice they need to drive votes.”

The new venture will offer political advertisers several "scalable and customizable options to reach their target audiences" in hopes of delivering their political message to "trusted local media and premium contextually relevant sites in key target markets throughout the U.S."

Hopefully this means that by July we won't have to see anymore ads from the pharmaceutical industry or ads about McDonald's resurrecting their Big 'n Tasty because there will be so many more political ads gluing our eyelids open that there won't be time or room for anything else until November 7th. Pick your poison, America.