Yahoo Buys Domain Name For Social Brand


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Yahoo's acquired a new domain name, and while we don't expect that Facebook and Twitter are quaking in fear, there's reason to believe it'll play a significant role in Yahoo's "social" future.  The domain name will, naturally enough, tie in to Yahoo's microblogging site, Meme.

Meme has been described as a Twitter clone with random references to dogs instead of birds.  Otherwise, it's attracted very little attention at all.

Yahoo Meme

Antonio Silveira, a director of product development and engineering at Yahoo, indicated that he'd like that to change, though.  In a press release announcing the new acquisition, Silveira described the domain name as "an essential component of our online branding strategy."

Jeremiah Johnston, the COO of Sedo (which helped Yahoo purchase the domain name), also stated, "We are delighted to extend our relationship with one of the Internet's most recognized brands, and help Yahoo! determine the best domain name strategy to fully engage its social networking audience."

It could be that Yahoo's new ad campaign will promote Meme, then, or that Yahoo has plans to focus on the property once its arrangement with Microsoft is worked out.  Or it could just be that the press release blew the importance of this move out of proportion.  We'll see what happens.  Hat tip goes to Joseph Tartakoff.