Yahoo Adds New Features To Its Finance And Sports Pages


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Yahoo has introduced some new features to its finance and sports search homepages.

When users enter tickers or company names in the search box on Yahoo Finance they will see a new “Related Tickers” module to the left of their search results for select queries. The Related Tickers feature displays up to 10 related tickers. In addition, the Yahoo Finance Search homepage now offers access to finance-specific Trending Now Terms.




On Yahoo Sports Search, the company has improved its “Related Athletes” module on the left side of search results pages with suggestions for members of a sports team.




The Yahoo Search Blog offer more details. “For example, when you search for 'LA Lakers', the 'Related Athletes' module provides a list of athletes who play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Like the 'Related Tickers' module on Finance Search, this new feature on Sports Search helps you quickly navigate to a player overview in your search results without entering another query in the search box."