Xbox One Streaming Delayed to 2014, Twitch App Teased


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Since last Friday, PlayStation 4 owners have been streaming their gameplay to web using Twitch and Ustream. Though the feature isn't essential, it could be one that help grow the console gaming community in the same way the Twitch website has for PC gamers.

This Friday, Microsoft will launch its Xbox One console, which was touted as having Twitch streaming even before the same capability was announced for the PS4. Unfortunately, the Xbox One will not have this functionality on launch day.

Microsoft today revealed that broadcasting directly from the Xbox One via Twitch will not be enabled on day one. In fact, the feature won't be implemented until at least sometime in 2014. Though not definite, Microsoft stated that it currently has a "goal" of rolling out Twitch streaming sometime during the "first part" of next year.

Though Xbox One owners won't be able to stream their gameplay just yet, they will be able to watch PlayStation 4 owner do so on their consoles. The Twitch app will be functional on Xbox One, allowing Xbox Live Gold members to watch all the gameplay they want through their console. The app also works with the Xbox One's snap feature, allowing users to play games or watch something else while viewing streamed gameplay.

Xbox One users will also be able to earn achievements by using the Twitch app to kick back and watch other people play video games. Various achievements for the app will be awarded based on what players watch, when they watch it, and how much of it they watch.

All of these features can be seen in a new teaser trailer for he app that Twitch released this week:

(Image courtesy Twitch)