Xbox One Lowered Shipment Rumors Disputed


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Yesterday, rumors surfaced that shipment forecasts Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console have been dialed down. The number of Xbox One units shipping this year was reportedly lowered to 6.2 million from 7 million. The cause of the cuts was reportedly that yields on camera modules and optical disc drives haven't met expectations.

Today, manufacturers are disputing the claims of poor yields and shipment cuts. DigiTimes is reporting that several manufacturers believed to be building components for the Xbox One are claiming business as usual.

Newmax stated that orders for its camera modules are stable and that yield rates are in-line with what they have planned. The company is rumored to be supplying camera modules for Microsoft's Kinect device, which will come packaged with every Xbox One console.

Lite-On IT is similarly reporting that it is "optimistic" about its manufacturing yields for the Xbox One. The company is currently building Blu-ray optical disc drives for Microsoft's console.

These reassurances from manufacturers would seem to indicate that Microsoft is still on-track for its announced November release for the Xbox One. However, the company has not yet announced a firm release date for the Xbox One, and earlier rumors that the console's APU processor has seen yield shortages are still floating around.

(via DigiTimes)

(Image courtesy Microsoft)