Xbox One Launch In New York City Looks Suitably Crazy


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Last week, Sony took over a hotel in New York City to launch the PS4 in North America. Tonight, Microsoft is doing something similar for the Xbox One, but claims to have taken over the entire city.

At the Best Buy theater in Times Square, Xbox fans have already lined up to get their hands on Microsoft's latest console. In the video below, Xbox' Major Nelson mingles with the crowd and shows off some of the stuff that Microsoft is doing to celebrate the launch of Xbox One in New York City tonight.

While New Yorkers will be getting their hands on the Xbox One tonight, they aren't the first in the world to get their hands on Microsoft's newest game console. In the below video, you'll also get to see some video footage from Microsoft's Xbox One launch in New Zealand and Australia. As is customary, Master Chief showed up to personally sell the first Xbox One.

New York isn't the only US city being treated to a launch event as people are presumably already lining up in Los Angeles for their own launch event as well. In the city of angels, the first 500 who show up to buy the Xbox One will be treated to a Deadmau5 concert.

If you can't get to any of the major launch events, Microsoft will be hosting an Xbox One launch event at every Microsoft store across the country. Each store will host a variety of launch activities, including live concerts, game demos and more.

[Image: xbox/YouTube]