X-factor Host Steve Jones Dismissed As Host


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According to a recent story the now one time host of Fox's X-factor has been let go. rumors have been circulating for a while that he may not continue his post. representatives earlier dismissed it as a fabrication, but now it has been confirmed. he recently took to twitter to announce his departure.

Show creator Simon Cowell has this to say:

"I don’t think he did a bad job, but there is a Brit limit on the show."

As of yet there is no news on who may replace Jones, but Cowell commented saying there would be changes coming to X-factor U.S.A.

Also, reportedly popular singer Nicole Sherzinger will not return to the show either, she says she wants to work more on her own personal music career and doing X-factor nearly everyday has halted her from doing so. Surprising enough Paula Abdul will not come back either. She did not leave on her own, rather she was asked to leave; I guess that's a nicer way to say Donald Trump's famous line "you're fired".