Wynonna Judd Talks Husband's Near Death Experience


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Newlyweds should not have to worry about near-death experiences. They shouldn't have to spend their honeymoon in a hospital, and they shouldn't have to be concerned about whether or not their partner will ever be able to walk again. Even though all of these things shouldn't happen to a newly married couple, it is exactly what happened to Wynonna Judd and her husband, Michael "Cactus" Moser.

Two months after the couple shared their vows, Moser was in a terrible motorcycle accident that led to him having his leg amputated. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Judd described the details of the accident, and how she actually witnessed his leg shatter all over the road.

It was the best day…70 degrees, beautiful sky, we have a gig that night…loving each other and a Harley ride with friends and just this beautiful open space in South Dakota. Roads for miles. Wind in the hair, he's ten feet in front of me and it went from that to, the sound like a tornado that you never forget. I will never forget that smell nor that sound coming from two vehicles colliding, and me going on past him thinking, 'Is he alive or dead? I have no idea. I dropped my bike and I run back and he's just lying there. I hear nothing. And then I heard the most beautiful sound on earth and that is him breathing. And I got on my belly and looked right in his eyes 'cause I knew if he closed his eyes that he would bleed out and that was it. I was 10 feet behind him when the accident happened and I saw the leg shatter and go all over the road.

Judd immediately jumped to action and decided, from then on, she would be the one to nurse him back to health.

"You just feel so helpless. All you can do is hold his hand or tell him a story or just be there," Judd said. "I became his nurse, my glasses at the end of my nose, pushing saline up into the gaping wounds and wrapping them. I became a nurse like my mother. I went from wearing the cute newlywed clothes to wearing cotton that had crap all over it, hair in a ponytail, and rolling up my sleeves for the man I love. The bottom line is it makes [you] or breaks you. You realize that you're bonded in a life. When I said I do, I never dreamed I would go through as much as I did as soon as I did."

Judd says that nothing will ever come between them and describes their relationship as "bulletproof". Although she didn't think they would be at their worse only two months into their marriage, Judd says that she vowed to stand by her husband for better or for worse, and that is what she has been doing.

“It made us so strong that I dare anyone to try and come between us. We are almost bulletproof at this point. If it ever does fall apart, it’s because the two of us are not communicating. Nobody has come between us, not even our children,” she said. “When they say ‘your better half’ I would say I was his ‘other half.’ I would literally stand in the shower and be his left side. For better or for worse; I was thinking for better or for worse like when were eighty years old. I didn’t expect it to be two months into our marriage.”

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